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New York Mets prospect list update

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Akeel Morris
Akeel Morris
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

I am still working on the Mets prospect list. My second grade review has resulted in some revisions, notably Steven Matz going from a preliminary A to an A-. He will be an A-/A on the Top 20 Prospect list but an A- in the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book since I don't do split grades in the book format.

There are a lot of difficult calls that I am still undecided on, notably Amed Rosario (who could be anything from a B to a C+ depending on your point of view), Gavin Cecchini (same deal), and Marcos Molina (C+? B-?). Others are very obvious, like Akeel Morris (C+, I've always liked him despite his control issues) and Dominic Smith (Grade B prospect if there ever was one, and that's not an insult by any means).

I am setting myself a deadline of tomorrow afternoon to get all this worked out. Thank you for your patience.