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2015 Arizona Fall League Championship today at 3 PM EST

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The league championship for the 2015 Arizona Fall League will be decided today. The contest between the Scottsdale Scorpions and the Surprise Saguaros will begin at 3 PM EST, 2 PM CST. The game will be live on and the MLB network and we will be here to discuss it.

Here are the projected starting lineups:


  1. CF: Clint Frazier (Indians)
  2. RF: Mike Gerber (Tigers)
  3. SS: Christian Arroyo (Giants)
  4. LF: Mac Williamson (Giants)
  5. 1B: Sam Travis (Red Sox)
  6. 3B: Dominic Ficociello (Tigers)
  7. DH: Adam Walker (Twins)
  8. 2B: Carlos Asuaje (Padres)
  9. C: Stuart Turner (Twins)
  10. SP: Taylor Rogers (Twins)
  1. SS: Yadiel Rivera (Brewers)
  2. 3B: Aledmys Diaz (Cardinals)
  3. DH: Jurickson Profar (Rangers)
  4. C: Gary Sanchez (Yankees)
  5. 1B: Patrick Wisdom (Cardinals)
  6. LF: Tyler Austin (Yankees)
  7. RF: Bubba Starling (Royals)
  8. CF: Dustin Fowler (Yankees)
  9. 2B: Ramon Torres (Royals)
  10. SP: Sam Wolff (Rangers)