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Terry Collins as New York Mets manager

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Last week we discussed the pros and cons of the Washington Nationals hiring Dusty Baker as their new manager. At the same time, the New York Mets rewarded manager Terry Collins with a two-year contract extension, certainly a worthwhile thing to do given that he got his club to the World Series.

I want to discuss Collins' good and bad qualities as a manager, with particular participation from Mets fans or others who have watched him closely over the last few years.

My personal mental picture of Collins was set back when he managed the Houston Astros (1993-1996) and the Anaheim Angels (1997-1999). My recollection of that period was that Collins was tactically adept (or at least average) but with an intense personality that would lead to clubhouse burnout,for himself and for his players, after a few years. Looking over what Mets fans have said about him the last few years, the main observation seems to be that he's mellowed emotionally but that his tactical game management left much to be desired. Many Mets boosters felt he should be fired, that is until the post-season run in 2015.

So this question is directed towards people, Mets fans or otherwise, who have watched Collins manage on a frequent basis the last few seasons. What do you think of him as a manager, both the "clubhouse leader" part of the job and the tactical button-pusher part of the job?