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Minor League Ball Gameday: World Series, Game Three

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Syndergaard and the New York Mets go up against Yordano Ventura and the Kansas City Royals tonight at 7 PM central time in Game Three of the 2015 World Series. That's the big news of course and you can discuss it right here this evening.

****Additional Note from Arizona Fall League: Yesterday we mentioned that Phillies prospect J.P. Crawford left the Fall League. When we hit the "publish" button the reason for his departure had not been made public, but later in the afternoon it was revealed to be due to a thumb sprain.

***Bernie Pleskoff at offers this profile of San Francisco Giants prospect Christian Arroyo.

For today's World Series prediction, we will say that the Mets stop the hemorrhage tonight and hold off the Royals by a 3-0 score, behind eight shutout innings from Syndergaard. We are thus far 1-1 when it comes to series predictions, having predicted that the Royals would win Game One but that the Mets would win Game Two.

Ultimately we say Royals in seven games, but for that to look plausible the Mets need to pull through tonight.

Enjoy the game.