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Minor League Ball Gameday: World Series, Game Two

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

My prediction for the final outcome of the 2015 World Series is Royals in seven games, but for tonight my take is that the Mets will even the series with a fairly easy victory and get things back to New York at one win per squad.

For tonight's game, we'll say that Jacob deGrom is at full strength and pitches eight scoreless innings, striking out nine and walking nobody. Johnny Cueto eats seven innings for the hometown team to spare the bullpen from last night's game but is not especially effective, giving up five runs including solo shots by Curtis Granderson and Wilmer Flores. Overall the Mets win this one 5-2, with a ninth inning two-run rally falling short for the Royals.

What say you?

We'll be here discussing the game in the comments section as it progresses.