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Discuss the pros and cons of an international MLB draft

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Miguel Sano
Miguel Sano
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Establishment of an international MLB draft is a possible, even likely outcome of the next round of CBA labor negotiations. Many people (owners especially) wanted such a draft in place years ago, but working out the details has been quite complex. A draft will have serious ripple effects through the talent market, particularly in areas like the Dominican Republic and Venezuela which already have an infrastructure in place to funnel players into MLB.

Sure, it is a very mixed infrastructure with MLB team academies and baseball schools and buscones and agents, but it is there and it remains to be seen how it would adapt to establishment of a draft. It seems to have adapted to the "bonus slotting" system imposed a few years ago.

Many experts believe that a draft could have negative effects on international talent, pointing to the decline of talent coming out of Puerto Rico following its inclusion in the draft process. Personally I've never been quite clear on the causality involved there, and personally doubt the same sort of thing would happen to the DR or Venezuela, but I could be wrong.

What do you think of the international draft idea? Discussion points:

***Do you support an international draft?
***If so, how many rounds?
***If you do not support a draft, do you support sticking with the current bonus slotting system?
***If not, what do you support? A total free market? Abolition of the entire draft process?