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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Who is your secret pet prospect, the guy who doesn't show up on Top 50 lists and who may be little-known to the general world right now, but who you are certain is going to exceed expectations.

Maybe he's a tooled-up athlete who you think will develop skills. Maybe he's the opposite, a skill guy who doesn't have great tools but has terrific instincts. Maybe he's the guy who throws 98 MPH but can't find the strike zone in Low-A, but you're certain that he will eventually. Maybe he's the guy who throws 87 MPH and can't find his way onto a Top 10 list, but you think he'll take his K/BB ratio to the majors, earn millions of dollars and out-pitch a hundred guys who throw harder.

I've had many pet prospects over the years, some panned out (Mike Fiers, Michael Brantley), many did not. I'm not sure who my current one is, but I'll pick a new one when working on the organization reports this winter.

Who is your current pet prospect? Who is your favorite pet prospect from the past who panned out, and who didn't?