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Exact words and the purpose of discussion

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In reference to yesterday's Minor League Ball community discussion about the quality of baseball today, I want to make a meta point.

The original Twitter comment that gave rise to the whole issue was phrased: "The talent level in baseball is the best it has ever been in my view."  When I turned that into a discussion question yesterday, I considered giving a definition of exactly what I meant by "talent."

But I decided to leave it the way it was. Why? To stimulate discussion and a broader exchange of ideas. I find that a Socratic discussion of that nature to be more illuminating and helpful in clarifying my own thinking on various issues, not just baseball. Asking questions leads to better answers, and frankly beginning or brokering a discussion is a lot more fun than simple punditing.

We often have discussion questions at this time of year. What topics would YOU like to discuss?