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Elsa/Getty Images

A few weeks ago I got into a good discussion about young players with a friend. The topic of Mookie Betts vs. Xander Bogaerts came up. Obviously these are two of the key pieces for the Red Sox franchise going forward. I didn't realize this until I looked it up just now, but they were born within a week of each other in October, 1992.

Bogaerts was the higher profile prospect when they were in the minors, but Betts has been stunningly effective since reaching the majors. Their value in 2015 was fairly similar but with an edge for Betts if you believe fWAR, 4.3 for Bogaerts and 4.8 for Betts. Mookie is the better hitter at this stage with more power and better plate discipline, but Xander is no slouch and has a defensive premium as a shortstop. They are virtually the same age, so no advantage there.

Our discussion centered on who will be the better player going forward. I will not tell you what conclusion we reached, but this seems like an excellent discussion question for the board.

So let's discuss. Who do you want on your team for the next ten years, Betts or Bogaerts?