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2015 MLB Rookie Review: Nick Tropeano, RHP, Los Angeles Angels

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David Sherman/Getty Images

Los Angeles Angels rookie pitcher Nick Tropeano will not be on prospect lists entering 2016. Between 37.2 innings for the Halos this year and 21.2 innings for the Houston Astros in 2014, Tropeano is now past 50 big league frames and no longer officially eligible to be considered a rookie. However, since his Show resume is split between two seasons he could get overlooked when young pitchers are discussed this winter.

Tropeano was originally drafted by the Astros in the fifth round in 2011 out of Stony Brook. He was enormously successful in college (12-1, 1.84, 119/24 in 93 innings, 63 hits his junior year) but lasted until the fifth round because scouts felt his fastball was nothing special (87-90) and might not play up enough at higher levels. The Angels picked him up for Hank Conger last winter.

In pro ball his heater has gained velocity and can top at 95, though most commonly he works at 90-92. That's enough to make a difference and helps improve the effectiveness of his impressive change-up, splitter, and good-enough breaking ball. He does not have the most textbook mechanics in the world and some observers worry about his durability, but the delivery adds deception to the mix. He has the classic 6-4, 200 pound pitcher build and has avoided major injuries thus far.

So far Tropeano has a 4.10 ERA in the majors, but his FIP is much sharper at 2.87 thanks to his component ratios (51/19 K/BB, 59 hits, just two homers allowed).

He has been generally projected as a four/five starter or bullpen arm, but that could be very well be underplaying him. Don't sleep on Tropeano. He could be very impressive next year.