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Minor League Ball discussion question: Replace Hanley and Pablo with prospects

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This didn't really work out.
This didn't really work out.
Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Ben Buchanan's article at Over the Monster this afternoon got me thinking about the whole Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval disaster that the Red Sox are trying to deal with. This gave me an idea for a community discussion question, a variation of a theme we've used before that always seems to generate good feedback and idea-sharing.

Let's say you are running the Red Sox and a genie gives you the following offer: you can have two minor league baseball prospects, one to play first base instead of Hanley Ramirez and one to play third base instead of Pablo Sandoval. Of course there are caveats:

***These are the only two positions available. You can't get a prospect outfielder and put Travis Shaw at first base in place of Hanley. You get one first baseman and one third baseman.

***They will stay healthy for all of 2016.

***They have to be in the lineup almost every day, minimum of 450 at-bats each.

***The big limitation: no one with any experience above the A-ball level. That includes players from Japan or any Cuban who has played in Serie Nacional.

***Nobody from the current Red Sox farm system.

Who do you pick and why?