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Minor League Ball upcoming schedule

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Because why not post a picture of Chris Carter?
Because why not post a picture of Chris Carter?
Bob Levey

Hey guys, here's an update on what is going on here at Minor League Ball.

I had planned to work this weekend, finishing the Baseball Prospect Retrospective Project, working on the Top 20 reviews, and writing up any trades. However, a family issue arose. It was not an emergency but it required my complete attention and I was away from my computer and cellphone all weekend. As a result, I have a large backlog of work to finish over the next few days. I didn't even know about the flurry of trades until this morning. Here's the plan of attack.

***The Baseball Prospect Retrospective Project is about 90% complete. All of the research (which is the hard part) is finished, but I need more time to get it into presentable format. It will run about 100 pages. The plan is to finish it this week and distribute it next weekend, September 7th.

***Before I can do that, I need to get all of the weekend trades analyzed. That is my main goal today.

***I also need to work on the Top 20 pre-season prospect reviews.

***Jessica Quiroli had a really interesting talk with New York Mets prospect L.J. Mazzilli about his decision to quit social media, which helped him focus more on baseball and on life in general. That interview will run tomorrow morning at 8 AM central.