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2014 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: AL East Summary

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Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher

AL East

90) Brett Graves, RHP, University of Missouri
121) Justin Steele, LHP, Mississippi HS
SUMMARY: Not a lot you can do with just two picks, but a college right-hander who can move quickly and a fast-rising prep lefty pair nicely. Steele may or may not present a signability block. . .he has second round talent, but with astute picks in later rounds you can find the money.

26) Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Florida HS
33) (for Jacoby Ellsbury) Derek Fisher, OF, University of Virginia
67) Jake Cosart, RHP, Seminole State
103) Grant Hockin, RHP, California HS
134) Josh Prevost, RHP, Seton Hall
SUMMARY: The Red Sox SD didn’t show up on time, so I did the first two picks and someone else took over subsequently. The final result does look like something the Red Sox might do: a high school arm who could go 10 spots higher, a college outfielder who was projected earlier but who has fallen down a few slots for various reasons, a raw junior college thrower with high upside, a relatively polished prep who throws four pitches, and a cheap senior college ace with a great track record. Hockin is the only signability concern with a UCLA commitment but they could throw money at the problem if necessary.

55) Chase Vallot, C, Louisiana HS
91) Aaron Brown, OF, Pepperdine
122) Alexis Pantojas, SS, Puerto Rico HS
SUMMARY: Lots of people like Vallot and his enormous power; he could slot fine at first base with the power if his defense doesn’t work out. Aaron Brown is a two-way success in college but his power bat should make him a corner success in pro ball, assuming that contact issues don’t harm him. His 8/51 BB/K is pretty ugly but he also has 12 homers and could blossom once he’s a full-time hitter. Pantojas is renowned for his glove but has a chance to hit despite smallish frame.

20) Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Wichita State
60) Matt Imhof, LHP, Cal Poly
72) Keith Weisenberg, RHP, Osceola HS (FL)
96) Dillon Peters, LHP, Texas
127) Sean Coonrod, RHP, Southern Illinois
SUMMARY: Not a classic Rays draft, but the system has been sagging of late and this would provide some diversity. I love Gillaspie’s bat and Imhof’s size and statistical success are hard to ignore. Weisenberg seems like the type of guy who would do well with the Rays pitching development scheme. Peters is more of a soft-tosser but offers advanced pitchability, while Coonrod has been erratic but offers live stuff. Weisenberg’s Stanford commitment might be troublesome but college emphasis with other picks could balance that out.

9) Kyle Freeland, LHP, Evansville
11) Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State
49) Scott Blewett,RHP, New York HS
84) Chris Oliver, RHP, Arkansas
114) Jordan Luplow, OF, Fresno State
SUMMARY: Freeland garners some mixed reviews but under certain scenarios both he and Pentecost could go in the top six picks, meaning that getting them both at 9 and 11 could be a huge coup. Luplow’s power, speed, and on-base abilities are a fine choice in the fourth round, and Oliver could go 40 spots earlier than he does here based on his live, fresh arm. Blewett is the upside guy and most likely signable away from St. John’s in that spot. Overall, I think this is a good use of multiple picks.