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2014 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: NL East Summary

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Michael conforto
Michael conforto

2014 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: NL East Summary
Atlanta Braves
32) (for Brian McCann):  Kodi Medeiros, LHP, Hawaii HS
66) Cody Reed, LHP, Alabama HS
102) Mark Zagunis, C, Virginia Tech
133) Jeremy Rhoades, RHP, Illinois State
SUMMARY: Two of the better high school southpaw arms headline this class, with Reed's Vanderbilt commitment hopefully not being a problem at this slot. Zagunis is very interesting as an athletic catcher who can hit, and in real life it would not surprise me to be called much sooner than people expect. Rhoades was somewhat under the radar pre-season but has been moving up due to a mid-90s fastball and outstanding statistical track record. Overall, seems like a good class to me.

Miami Marlins
2) Alex Jackson, C-OF, California HS
36) (for Matt Krook):   Luke Weaver, RHP, Florida State University
39) Marcus Wilson, OF, California HS
43) Justus Sheffield, LHP, Tennessee HS
76) Taylor Sparks, 3B, UC Irvine
105) (for Ben DeLuzio):  Adam Ravanelle, RHP, Vanderbilt
107) Tate Blackman, INF, Florida HS
SUMMARY: Seems like a good use of multiple picks here, which would have worked great under the old draft rules if ownership was OK with spending money. Sheffield at 43 and Blackman at 107 may present some signability concerns under the new rules, although discreet use of cheap college seniors in rounds 5-10 could help with that. Talent-wise, I like the balance of the picks, with a mixture of upside and relative safety.

New York Mets
10) Trea Turner, SS, North Carolina State University
84) Trey Supak, RHP, Texas HS
115) Sam Howard, LHP, Georgia Southern University
SUMMARY: This also looks reasonable, with Turner being one of the top college bats in the class, Supak a hard-throwing Texan with upside, and Howard a very polished lefty arm who has been moving up draft boards and could very well go 40 spots higher than this in reality. This would work financially and has a good balance of talent.

Philadelphia Phillies
7) Sean Newcomb, LHP, University of Hartford
47) Jake Stinnett, RHP, University of Maryland
81) Bobby Bradley, 1B, Mississippi HS
112) Brent Jones, RHP, Cornell University
SUMMARY: I don't know if this is particularly Phillies-like, but if this were my draft I would be happy with it. I really like Newcomb and he could very well go around this spot in the draft as a big lefty with a loose arm. Stinnett is a great budget-oriented senior, Jones is interesting as a live Ivy League arm with low mileage, and Bradley has a power standout bat. Money saved on Stinnett would likely be needed to sign Bradley away from LSU.

Washington Nationals
18) Michael Conforto, OF, Oregon State University
57) Gareth Morgan, OF, Canada HS
93) Daniel Gossett, RHP, Clemson
124) K.J. Harrison, C, Hawaii HS
SUMMARY: I like it. I think too many people are focusing on what Conforto can't do rather than on what he can. He could very well be the best bat in the draft and getting him at 18 is a real coup. Morgan is a high-ceiling high-risk power bat who will need the time in the minors that Conforto probably won't. Gossett puts up great stats against top competition and throws reasonably hard; he could go 40 spots higher than that in real life and is a bargain there. Harrison has a power bat and a strong arm and an Oregon State commitment that could be tough to buy out in this spot. But if you like power and solid college pitchers (and I do), this is nice.