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2014 MLB Draft: Carolinas Region

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Pitching is strong in the Carolinas this year. Another potential 1.1 candidate, maybe two. There are some solid hitters as well.

Carolina has a strong top five. There are impact tools at the top from arms, legs and bats. In the next tier are some potential regulars all over the diamond. There are also quite a few relief arms as well. There are half a dozen or so more guys I should have written up and still might but this is it for now. Here is the interactive map if you'd like to see where some of these guys are located geographically.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Carlos Rodon P JR 55 70 Left Left 6'2" 210 12/10/92
Likely the top pick in the draft. Top of the charts slider. Excellent fastball. Doesn't finish his delivery. Throws uphill. I worry about the shoulder. Top of the rotation stuff though.
Grant Holmes P HS 40 70 Left Right 6'2" 190 3/22/96
Two MLB average pitches now with fastball and breaking ball. Plus potential. Very polished for a high school arm. Change could be above average as well. Physically pretty maxed.
Jeff Hoffman P JR 40 65 Right Right 6'4" 190 1/8/93
Potential for three plus pitches. Prototypical frame. Numbers don't match the stuff. Short, uneven track record. Has top of the rotation stuff if he reaches his potential.
Trea Turner SS JR 40 65 Right Right 6'2" 170 6/30/93
Outstanding speed. Good defender at short. There is strength in his swing. It wouldn't be crazy to say he could hit 20 home runs some day. His speed is elite. Exciting player.
Braxton Davidson RF HS 35 65 Left Left 6'3" 220 6/18/96
Middle of the order bat potential. Good approach. Plus power and plus hit tool potential. Tied to a corner. Could potentially play RF. Most likely a 1B. Passive at the plate. Not easy to scout someone who doesn't swing but also hard to knock him for knowing the zone.
Grayson Greiner C JR 40 55 Right Right 6'5" 195 10/11/92
Has improved a ton since he was a freshman and was a good prospect then. Has an 80 arm. Tall for a catcher, may have to move. I'd try him in right. Good bat but not great. Will need time to develop but could pay off well.
Chad Sobotka P JR 40 50 Right Right 6'7" 200 7/10/93
Big time fastball up to 95 and sits 92-94 with sink. Has a solid slider and shows a change. Missed the spring with a back injury. Draft stock is questionable at this point.
Joey Pankake 3B JR 40 50 Right Right 6'2" 190 11/23/92
A safe college pick with average tools. He can run a little. He's a solid hitter and can hit for some power but won't be a star. He has a big arm though. Integral on some of the best college teams in recent memory and could outplay his tools.
Tanner English CF JR 40 50 Right Right 5'10" 160 3/11/93
Best defensive center fielder in this draft. Could be a gold glover. Will make it to the bigs on glove alone. Can hit well enough but not a carrying tool.
Benton Moss P JR 40 50 Right Right 6'1" 170 2/21/93
Genius. Bulldog competitor. Can run it up to 94 but sits more comfortably 88-92. Has a deceptive delivery and a very good breaking ball. Change could be average as well. Could be a mid rotation guy if it all works out.
Garrett Boulware C JR 40 50 Right Right 6'1" 215 9/9/92
Solid defensive catcher. Good hitter. Line drive approah with developing power. Stiff, strength swing. Could be a big league regular if he continues to progress.
Alex Destino P HS 35 50 Left Left 6'3" 220 10/24/95
Easy 3/4 delivery produces low 90's fastball. Has a breaking ball but it's not a great pitch. Change is a better pitch. Athletic lefty has mid rotation potential.
Taylore Cherry P SO 35 50 Right Right 6'9" 260 6/24/93
Huge body will be a concern. Need to watch himself. Good arm. Solid fastball. Good sink. Shows excellent change and useable curveball. Erratic command and short track record leave questions.
Daniel Gossett P JR 40 45 Right Right 6'2" 165 11/13/92
Unusual delivery makes me question starting potential. Fastball is average. Breaking ball shows promise but is inconsistent. Needs consistency and command to be more than a reliever.
Matt Crownover P SO 40 45 Right Left 6' 195 3/5/93
Soft tosser gaining velocity with age. TJ surgery hindered him as a draft prospect. Has slowly built back up through college. Back of the rotation potential.
C.D. Pelham P J1 25 55 Right Left 6'4" 210
Fast riser last spring went to a JuCo this year. Arm strength is there but command is erratic. Good athelte with a fresh arm should get a chance.
Mason McCullough P JR 30 50 Right Right 6'4" 225 1/7/93
Has a rocket for an arm. Up to 98. Nasty slider. Has horrible command issues but the arm could be a lotto ticket for someone.
Max Povse P JR 35 45 Right Right 6'7" 210 8/23/93
Tall, downhill plane on 90-92 mph fastball. Up to 95. Has a good slider and a useable change. With some time, he could develop into a back of the rotation guy and maybe a mid-rotation guy.
Kevin Bryant LF HS 25 50 Right Right 6'1" 185 9/19/95
Looks the part until the ball is thrown. Poor approach and swing. Needs a lot of work. Has the tools to succedd if he figures out how to hit.
Ryder Ryan 3B HS 30 45 Right Right 6'3" 205 5/11/95
Has a powerful bat but it's slow. Erratic timing makes me question the hit tool. Good defensive 3B. 87-89 fb, 77 CB with potential. Not sure where he fits as a prospect. Could player wither way. Bet he ends up at North Carolina.
Brett Austin C JR 30 45 Both Right 6'1" 190 11/24/92
Bat just isn't coming along. Defense is good but not the caliber needed to succeed as a pro. Potential to improve still exists but risk is high.
Jordan Ramsey P JR 30 45 Left Right 6'3" 185 9/6/92
Low 90's fastball with a developing slider.
Hansen Butler P HS 30 45 Right Right 5'11" 185 10/30/95
One of the craziest deliveries you will see. Extremely high effort. Likely going to N.C.. Google the name and find a video. It's worth it.
Tom Zengel 1B SR Left Left 6' 195 10/8/91
Eric Peterson 1B JR Left Right 6'3" 195 3/8/93
Connor Lewis 1B SR Left Left 6/3 240 5/10/92
BRANDON BURKES 1B SO Right Right 6/2 230
Casey Jones 1B JR Left Right 6/1 195 4/5/93
Steve Wilkerson 2B SR Both Right 6'1" 169 1/11/92
Matt White 2B J2 Right Right 5/9 190
Mason Davis 2B JR 5/10 170 2/11/93
Morgan Phillips 3B JR Right Right 6'1" 192 12/11/93
Elliott Caldwell 3B SO Right Right 6'2" 200 9/11/92
Jordan Edgerton 3B JR Right Right 6/1 190
Brandon Glazer 3B JR Right Right 6'3" 190 1/29/92
Jordan Betts 3B JR Right Right 6/3 215
Ty Barkell 3B JR Right Right 6'3" 215 3/12/93
KYLE BRANDENBURG 3B SR Both Right 6/2 180 12/23/90
Henry Rundio 3B JR Right Right 6/1 170 9/23/93
Dominick Cammarata C HS Right Right 6'3" 210 12/21/95
Adam Martin C SR Right Right 6'3" 230 12/7/91
Josh Spano C JR Right Right 6'2" 185 5/29/92
Luke Lowery C SO Right Right 6'3" 215 3/19/93
Spencer Angelis C JR Right Right 6/2 200 10/31/92
Zach Callahan 2B J1 Right Right 6/1 175
James Reeves P JR Right Left 6/3 200
Taylor Hyssong P J2 Left Left 6/3 190
Ryan Pennell P SR Right Left 6/4 225 7/14/92
Dave Roseboom P SR Right Left 6/2 220 5/17/92
John McLeod P SR Left Left 6/4 205 6/3/92
Jordan Montgomery P JR Left Left 6/3 225
Wesley Rogers OF J2 Right Right 6'3" 185 3/7/94
Jake Fincher OF JR Right Right 6/1 175 1/26/93
Cedric Mullins OF J2 Both Right 5/8 180
Chris Marconcini OF JR Left Left 6'5" 230 2/18/92
Kevin Jordan OF SR Left Right 6' 192 11/14/91
Patrick Grady OF SR Right Right 6/1 215
FORREST BRANDT OF SR Right Right 6/3 205
Matt Bosse OF JR Right Right 6/6 255 8/7/93
Jay Gonzalez OF Sr. Left Left 5'10" 180 12/11/91
Evan Stephens OF Sr. Left Right 6/3 185 1/29/92
Connor Bright OF JR Right Right 5/11 170 3/19/83
Bubby Riley OF JR Left Left 6/3 200 8/25/92
T.J. Olesczuk OF JR Right Right 6/1 205 2/5/92
ERIC KALBFLEISCH OF JR Left Left 6/3 180 6/5/93
Ian Townsend OF JR Left Right 6/2 210
Clark Scolamiero OF HS Left Left 6'1" 175 1/24/96
Shane Kennedy OF SR Right Right 6/2 190
Ben Smith P JR Left Left 6'2" 190
Evan Beal P JR Right Right 6'4" 200 8/2/93
Tyler Bolton P JR Right Right 6'3" 205 1/27/93
Joel Seddon P JR Right Right 6' 170 6/13/92
Sarkis Ohanian P JR Right Right 5'11" 170 8/6/93
Ryan Butler P JR Right Right 6'5" 205 2/23/92
Logan Jernigan P JR Right Right 6'3" 200 9/21/92
Drew Van Orden P SR Right Right 6'4" 200 1/19/92
Jeremy Null P JR Right Right 6'8" 230 8/27/93
Coan McAlpine P HS Left Left 6'3" 200 12/8/95
David Lucroy P JR Right Right 6'2" 220 9/3/92
Patrick Peterson P JR Right Left 6'4" 200 3/8/93
Andrew Woeck P SR Right Right 5'10" 170
Andrew Istler P JR Right Right 5'11" 168 9/18/92
Doug Norman P HS Right Right 6'3" 175
Gianni Zayas P SO Right Right 6'2" 195
Deshorn Lake P JR Right Right 6'1" 180 10/29/93
Tyler Joyner P SR Left Left 5'11" 185 9/18/90
Karl Keglovitz P SO Right Right 6'5" 220 5/2/93
Patrick Andrews P JR Right Right 6'4" 200 3/26/93
Trevor Kelley P JR Right Right 6'2" 180 10/20/92
Patrick Corbett P JR Right Right 6'5" 175 8/7/92
Matt Fraudin P JR Right Right 6'5" 200 6/18/92
Connor Kaden P Jr. Right Right 6'3" 180 10/27/92
Eric Eck P SR Right Right 6'4" 195 8/3/92
Tyler Poole P JR Right Right 6'6" 205 9/8/92
Kelly Secrest P SR Left Left 6' 185 9/13/91
Max Tishman P SO Left Left 6'2" 175 7/2/93
Taylor Alvarez P JR Left Right 6'3" 185 9/26/92
Sam Kmiec P JR Left Left 6' 210 8/30/93
Tyler Herb P SR Right Right 6'2" 175
Chris McCue P JR Right Right 6' 170 4/23/93
John Tuttle P Sr. Right Right 6'1" 170 11/7/91
Jeffrey Springs P JR Left Left 6'2" 180 9/20/92
Luke Leftwich P SO Left Right 6'3" 200
Erich Knab P J2 Right Right 6'3" 190 11/26/93
Forrest Koumas P SR Right Right 6' 200 7/21/92
Lucas Bakker P JR Right Right 6/2 185
Nick Neitzel P JR Right Right 6/4 235
Jack Fischer P Sr. Right Right 6/2 175 8/28/91
T.J. Fussell P SR Right Right 6/4 205
Heath Bowers P SO Right Right 6/4 195
Andrew Barnett P SR Right Right 6/1 180 5/1/92
Kaleb Earls P JR Right Right 6/5 180
Nick Jobst P J2 Right Right 6/3 240
Dylan Rodgers P J2 Right Right 6/2 170
Robert Huber P SR Right Right 6/2 190 1/8/92
Jeremy Walker P FR Right Right 6'3" 160
Johnny Piedmonte P FR Right Right 6/8 240 9/20/94
Alex Durham P HS Right Right 6'3" 185 9/16/96
Brett Daniels P HS Right Right 6'1" 180
Carson Gregory P HS Right Right 6'3" 185 8/2/96
Jackson Bellenkes P HS Right Right 6'3" 175 1/25/96
Drew Reynolds P SR Left Right 6/2 180 4/25/92
Gunnar Heidt SS JR Both Right 5'10" 160 9/12/93
Landon Lassiter SS HS Right Right 6'1" 175 6/14/93
Zack Gahagan SS HS Right Right 6'2" 185
Kevin Bradley SS SO Both Right 6'2" 200 1/9/94
Michael Russell SS JR Right Right 6'2" 200 1/30/93
Logan Ratledge SS JR Right Right 5'11" 190 7/21/92
Luke Tendler SS Sr. Left Right 5'11" 180 8/25/91
AARON ATTAWAY SS JR Right Right 5/11 175 3/6/92
T.J. Costen SS JR Right Right 6' 180 12/31/92
Alex Tomasovich SS SR Right Right 6'2" 175 11/6/92
MICHAEL WILSON SS SR Left Right 6/1 190 10/11/91
Jay Baum SS JR Right Right 6' 185 10/25/92
Hunter Burton SS SR Left Right 5/9 170 12/1/91
DJ Burt SS HS Right Right 5'9" 160 10/13/95
Zach Houchins SS J4 Right Right 6'3" 190 9/16/92
Zach Gahagan SS HS Right Right 6/2 180 8/3/95
Madison Stokes SS HS Left Right 6'3" 195
Henry Davis SS HS Both Right 6'3" 160

Name College team College Commitment Hometown State
Carlos Rodon North Carolina State North Carolina State Holly Springs, NC NC
Grant Holmes Florida Conway, SC SC
Jeff Hoffman East Carolina East Carolina Latham, NY NC
Trea Turner North Carolina State North Carolina State Lake Worth, FL NC
Braxton Davidson North Carolina Arden, NC NC
Grayson Greiner South Carolina South Carolina Lexington, SC SC
Chad Sobotka South Carolina-Upstate South Carolina-Upstate Sarasota, FL SC
Joey Pankake South Carolina South Carolina Easley, SC SC
Tanner English South Carolina South Carolina Murrels Inlet, SC SC
Garrett Boulware Clemson Clemson Anderson, SC SC
Alex Destino South Carolina Weaverville, NC NC
Taylore Cherry North Carolina North Carolina Dayton, OH NC
C.D. Pelham Spartanburg Methodist JC Spartanburg Methodist JC Lancaster, SC SC
Mason McCullough Lander University Lander University Shelby, NC SC
Ryder Ryan North Carolina Huntersville, NC NC
Benton Moss North Carolina North Carolina Enfield, NC NC
Daniel Gossett Clemson Clemson Lyman, SC SC
Matt Crownover Clemson Clemson Ringgold, GA SC
Max Povse UNC Greensboro UNC Greensboro Cary, NC NC
Kevin Bryant Clemson Taylors, SC SC
Brett Austin North Carolina State North Carolina State Matthews, NC NC
Jordan Ramsey UNC Wilmington UNC Wilmington Lexington, NC NC
Hansen Butler North Carolina High Point, NC NC
Morgan Phillips College of Charleston College of Charleston Bronx, NY SC
Chris Marconcini Duke Duke Brentwood, TN NC
Ben Smith Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina Wichita Falls, TX SC
Evan Beal South Carolina South Carolina Fairfax Station, VA SC
Tyler Bolton East Carolina East Carolina Wake Forest, NC NC
Joel Seddon South Carolina South Carolina Lexington, SC SC
Ryan Butler Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte, NC NC
Logan Jernigan North Carolina State North Carolina State Four Oaks, NC NC
David Lucroy East Carolina East Carolina Umatilla, FL NC
Patrick Peterson North Carolina State North Carolina State Wilmington, DE NC
Gianni Zayas Seminole State (Fla.) North Carolina State North Bergen, NJ NC
Deshorn Lake Mt. Olive Mt. Olive St. Thomas, VI NC
Michael Russell North Carolina North Carolina Huntersville, NC NC
Tom Zengel North Carolina North Carolina Annandale, NJ NC
Eric Peterson North Carolina State North Carolina State Wilmington, DE NC
Connor Lewis Lander Columbia, SC SC
BRANDON BURKES Guilford Tech N.C. Guilford Tech N.C. Greensboro, NC NC
Casey Jones Elon Midlothian, VA NC
Steve Wilkerson Clemson Clemson Marietta, GA SC
Matt White Charleston Southern Summerville, SC SC
Mason Davis The Citadel Stone Mountain, GA SC
Elliott Caldwell South Carolina South Carolina Easley, SC SC
Jordan Edgerton UNC Pembroke Mount Holly, NC NC
Brandon Glazer Charleston Charleston Hagerstown, MD SC
Jordan Betts Duke Wilmington, NC NC
Ty Barkell South Carolina-Aiken South Carolina-Aiken Monument, CO SC
KYLE BRANDENBURG High Point High Point Jamestown, NC NC
Henry Rundio Gardner-Webb Dallas, NC NC
Dominick Cammarata Georgia Asheville, NC NC
Adam Martin Western Carolina Western Carolina Marietta, GA NC
Josh Spano High Point High Point Mount Dora, FL NC
Luke Lowery East Carolina East Carolina Sumrall, MS NC
Spencer Angelis High Point Orlando, FL NC
Zach Callahan Columbia, SC SC
James Reeves The Citadel Ashley Ridge, SC SC
Taylor Hyssong Frederick, MD NC
Ryan Pennell Elon Mamaroneck, NY NC
Dave Roseboom USC Upstate Troy, NY SC
John McLeod Wake Forest Renton, WA NC
Jordan Montgomery South Carolina Sumter, SC SC
Wesley Rogers Spartanburg Methodist Spartanburg Methodist Greenville, SC SC
Jake Fincher North Carolina State North Carolina State Matthews, NC NC
Cedric Mullins Snellville, GA NC
Kevin Jordan Wake Forest Wake Forest Columbus, GA NC
Patrick Grady Lander Pompano Beach, FL SC
FORREST BRANDT Davidson Davidson Raleigh, NC NC
Matt Bosse South Carolina-Aiken Baltimore, MD SC
Jay Gonzalez Mt. Olive Mt. Olive Orlando, FL NC
Evan Stephens Wake Forest Wake Forest Lexington, KY NC
Connor Bright South Carolina Mt. Pleasant, SC SC
Bubby Riley North Carolina State North Carolina State New Orleans, LA NC
T.J. Olesczuk Winthrop Winthrop Cortland, NY SC
ERIC KALBFLEISCH UNC Greensboro UNC Greensboro Pilot Mountain, NC NC
Ian Townsend East Carolina Brooksville, FL NC
Clark Scolamiero South Carolina Simpsonville, SC SC
Shane Kennedy Clemson Orlando, FL SC
Sarkis Ohanian Duke Duke Boynton Beach, FL NC
Drew Van Orden Duke Duke Manhattan Beach, CA NC
Jeremy Null Western Carolina Western Carolina Claremont, NC NC
Coan McAlpine Hickory, NC NC
Andrew Woeck North Carolina State North Carolina State Brier, WA NC
Andrew Istler Duke Duke West Palm Beach, FL NC
Doug Norman Georgia Fort Mill, SC NC
Tyler Joyner Mt. Olive Mt. Olive Red Oak, NC NC
Karl Keglovitz North Carolina State North Carolina State Nazareth, PA NC
Patrick Andrews Clemson Clemson Hilton Head, SC SC
Trevor Kelley North Carolina North Carolina Wilmington, NC NC
Patrick Corbett Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina Yorktown, VA SC
Matt Fraudin Gardner-Webb Gardner-Webb Upper St. Clair, PA NC
Connor Kaden Wake Forest Wake Forest Toms River, NJ NC
Eric Eck Wofford Wofford Buford, GA SC
Tyler Poole Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina (BKB) Hickory, NC SC
Kelly Secrest UNC Wilmington UNC Wilmington Winston-Salem, NC NC
Max Tishman Wake Forest Wake Forest Wellesley, MA NC
Taylor Alvarez Lander Lander Chapin, SC SC
Sam Kmiec Wake Forest Winthrop Middletown, DE SC
Tyler Herb Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina Lykens, PA SC
Chris McCue North Carolina North Carolina Charlotte, NC NC
John Tuttle Catawba (N.C.) Catawba (N.C.) Kannapolis, NC NC
Jeffrey Springs Appalachian State Appalachian State Belmont, NC NC
Luke Leftwich Wofford Wofford Phoenix, AZ SC
Erich Knab Spartanburg Methodist College Spartanburg Methodist College Myrtle Beach, SC SC
Forrest Koumas South Carolina South Carolina Elgin, SC SC
Lucas Bakker Elon Brisbane, AU NC
Nick Neitzel Davidson Coral Gables, FL NC
Jack Fischer Wake Forest Wake Forest Hinsdale, IL NC
T.J. Fussell Western Carolina Western Carolina Asheville, NC NC
Heath Bowers Campbell Buies Creek, NC NC
Andrew Barnett Gardner-Webb High Point, NC NC
Kaleb Earls Limestone Blacksburg, SC SC
Nick Jobst Lexington, SC SC
Dylan Rodgers South Carolina Union, SC SC
Robert Huber Duke Plano, TX NC
Jeremy Walker Gardner-Webb Gardner-Webb Advance, NC NC
Johnny Piedmonte North Carolina State North Carolina State Davidson, NC NC
Alex Durham UNC-Greensboro Burlington, NC NC
Brett Daniels North Carolina Fuquay-Varina, NC NC
Carson Gregory Winthrop Beaufort, SC SC
Jackson Bellenkes North Carolina Greensboro, NC NC
Drew Reynolds East Carolina Cherryville, NC NC
Gunnar Heidt College of Charleston Charleston Murrells Inlet, SC SC
Landon Lassiter North Carolina High Point, NC NC
Zack Gahagan North Carolina Fletcher, NC NC
Kevin Bradley Clemson Clemson Pennington, NJ SC
Logan Ratledge N.C. State Charlotte, NC NC
Luke Tendler North Carolina A&T North Carolina A&T Wilmington, NC NC
AARON ATTAWAY Western Carolina Western Carolina Morganton, NC NC
T.J. Costen South Carolina South Carolina Virginia Beach, VA SC
Alex Tomasovich Charleston Southern Charleston Southern Tega Cay, SC SC
MICHAEL WILSON Francis Marion (S.C.) Francis Marion (S.C.) Florence, SC SC
Jay Baum Clemson Alpharetta, GA SC
Hunter Burton Furman Williamston, SC SC
DJ Burt South Carolina Fuquay-Varina, NC NC
Zach Houchins Louisburg Col East Carolina Wilson, NC NC
Zach Gahagan North Carolina Fletcher, NC NC
Madison Stokes South Carolina Columbia, SC SC
Henry Davis Appalachian State Darlington, SC SC