Oakland A's WAR room

It's here! It's finally here!

So over at AN in the draft thread, things are amazingly split between wanting Monte Harrison, Ti'quan Forbes, and Matt Imhof for the the first round selection.

My targets today for the first round are

-Ti'quan Forbes

-Matt Imhof

-Monte Harrison

-Forrest Wall

-Michael Chavis

-Derek Hill

-Jacob Gatewood

-Those other guys I'm forgetting because I just woke up from a Benadryl induced sleep

The second through fourth round will basically be hoping that someone drops along the lines of Trevor Rosenthal did last year in the mock draft. I may aim for a medium upside medium risk high school lefty at some point along the lines of Ian Krol/Jace Fry/Kyle Twomey/Chris Kohler, which seems to be along the A's lines of drafting


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