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Saturday discussion: you are in Error

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Probe 2002-45b Nomad MK-15c
Probe 2002-45b Nomad MK-15c
Jackson Roykirk

I am on the road this weekend visiting family. Here is a discussion thread for you to talk about, what else, baseball prospects!

Today's Topic: You are in error. You are flawed and imperfect. You are only allowed to discuss players you were wrong about.

Name some guys you were wrong about and why you were wrong about them. I'm not interested in guys who failed due to injury (which would eliminate many pitchers) or a non-baseball factor.

I want to discuss where you went wrong analytically. Talk about your mistakes and what you learned from them.

A big mistake for me was Lars Anderson, for example, which re-emphasized to me the illusion potential in California League breakouts. Brandon Wood is another one, who like Anderson was a Cal League guy. They pair in other ways: both Anderson and Wood were highly-praised for their work ethic and makeup, but in both cases it looks like lack of self-confidence undermined them. Both were high school hitters that I was very high on, which helped me realize how much more I need to learn about analyzing hitters.

So have at it! Name some big mistakes you made and what you learned from them.