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2014 MLB Draft: Pacific Northwest

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Collegiate hitters are the impact talents here with Michael Conforto and Dylan Davis who both have power bats.

Collegiate bats at the top are the primary impact talents. The collegiate arms are more mid to back of the rotation types that no one should get too excited about until after the third round or so. Prep talent in this region is almost always thin and there isn't a clear top talent there. An interesting wild card could be Joe Martarano, who I believe is eligible again this year due to his school not having baseball. I could be wrong though.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Michael Conforto LF JR 40 55 Left Right 6'1" 190 3/1/93
Aggressive powerful swing. Very good approach. Swing and miss issues. Likely LF, maybe a 1B. No defensive value. Middle of the order bat potential will get someone to buy in in a draft light on college bats.
Dylan Davis RF JR 40 55 Right Right 6' 210 7/20/93
Power arm and power bat. Athletecism makes me lean hitter, especially with success over his college career. He has more power than he has shown in games. Fall back to mid to upper 90's on the mound if it doesn’t work as a hitter.
Joe Martarano 3B FR 30 55 R R 6'2" 230 7/28/94
I believe that he is eligible again this year since he didn't play college baseball. I loved him last year. Still believe he could be really good.
Jace Fry P JR 40 50 Left Left 6'1" 190 7/9/93
Lefty can hit 95 in the past but sits more comfortably in the low 90's. Has a solid slider and shows a change. He has the floor of a LOOGY but could be a back of the rotation starter.
Jeff Brigham P HS 35 50 Right Right 6' 185 2/16/92
Strike thrower has really gotten attention this year. I'm not a believer.
Travis Radke P JR 30 50 Left Left 6'4" 200 3/6/93
Easy, atheltic delivery from the lefty. Low 90's stuff. Back of the rotation type.
Jake Reed P JR 30 50 Right Right 6'2" 190 9/29/92
Near sidearming action up to 91 MPH. Has a good slider and shows a change. I think he's a reliever or a back of the rotation starter.
Branden Kelliher P HS 30 50 Right Right 5'11" 178 12/11/95
88-91 t92. CH 80-82. CB 75-77. hard downer breaking ball. Over the top delivery. Really good change.
Slade Heggen C HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 192 12/7/95
solid potential with the bat. Good tools.
Trace Loehr SS HS 30 50 Both Right 5'10" 175 5/23/95
short quick swing. Hard contact. Compact swing. Can slash the ball.
Jackson Soto 3B HS 30 50 L R 6'1" 205
His swing looks really good at times, stiff at others. Oregon State commit. I bet he gets there.
Porter Clayton P SR 40 45 Left Left 6'4" 210 5/22/93
Big time potential but his mormon mission stole two years of baseball development. His command is off this year. His body is getting back into shape. He's a wild card.
Scott Heineman 3B JR 30 45 Right Right 6'1" 205 12/4/92
Solid athlete can play all over the field. Having a horrible junior year.
Ben Wetzler P SR 30 45 Left Left 6'1" 212 9/13/91
Has had his name in the news a lot. NCAA violation to start the year. Just got arrested for tresspassing and criminal mischief. Apparently his real name is Ben Holmes. I'd stay away from him but he can hit 96.
Jason Monda LF SR 30 40 Left Left 6'4" 200 8/22/91
Tall, athletic outfielder had converted to the mound this year. I haven't seen him pitch.
Trace Tam Sing 2B SR 30 40 Right Right 6' 175 12/7/91
Solid speed, good athletecism and good contact ability will get him drafted. Needs to be less aggressive at the plate.
Yale Rosen OF JR Left Left 6'2" 205 5/9/1993
Blake Drake OF Jr. R R 6/1 170 7/11/1993
Ben Roberts OF JR Left Left 6'4" 210 9/7/92
Christian Martinek P HS Left Left 6'4" 224 10/4/95
Tommy Thorpe P JR Left Left 6'1" 195 9/20/1992
Gage Hinsz P HS Right Right 6'5" 210 4/20/96
Gage Burland P HS Right Right 6'2" 190 6/27/1995
Drew Rasmussen RHP 3B HS R R 6'1" 200 7/27/1995
Scott Schultz P SR Right Right 6'2" 200 12/15/1991
Nick Tanielu 3B/SS SO R R 5/11 200 9/4/1992
Michael Gretler SS HS R R 6'2" 180
Stuart Fairchild OF HS R R 5'11" 200 3/17/1996
Robert Pehl 3B JR R R 6'1" 205 9/23/92
Elliott Cary OF LHP HS L L 6'3" 175
Dylan LaVelle 3B J2 Right Right 6'2" 185 9/10/93
Kody Watts P JR Right Right 6'3" 185 12/29/92
Trevor Mitsui 1B JR Right Right 6'5" 225 10/1/92
Tanner Chleborad P JR Right Right 6'6" 185 11/4/92
Tyson Schmitt P J4 R R 6'7" 210
Sam Tweedt SS RHP, 3B HS R R 6'3" 210
Brian Olson C JR Right Right 6/1 190 1/21/93
Kyle Olson C J2 Right Right 6'2" 195 5/23/1992
Sam Johnson P JR Right Right 6' 200 6/3/93
Isaac Benard OF HS L R 5'9" 205
Jacob Kolterman RHP SR R R 6/1 175
Nick Kiel LHP/OF J2 L L 5/9 200
Connor Hofmann OF SR Left Right 5'11" 170 11/29/91
Bo Cornish C SR R R 6/2 195 9/10/1991
Jayse McLean OF RHP HS L R 6'3" 200
Tyler Baumgartner OF SR Left Right 6' 185 6/28/91
Brandon Berry 1B JR R R 6/4 225 5/19/1993
Jeff Hardy RHP J2 R R 6/5 170
Tyler Davis 3B JR Right Right 5'10" 160 1/5/93
Michael Howard P JR Left Left 6'1" 170 2/17/93
Reiley Henderson SS J1 R R 5/10 180
Mitchell Gunsolus 3B JR L R 6/2 195 1/23/1993
Kurt Yinger RHP/3B JR R R 6/1 190
Tommy Lane 1B J1 L R 6/6 215 2/18/1995
Aaron Pope LHP/1B SR L L 6/2 165
Alex Hatch LHP J2 L L 6/2 190 8/15/1994
Jeff Gold P SR Left Right 6'2" 170 2/15/91
Joe Pistorese LHP/OF SO L L 6/1 175 10/15/1992
Nick Lemoncelli P JR L L 6/4 210 7/20/92
Cody Chartrand RHP JR R R 6/1 200
Branson Trube OF HS R R 5'11" 185
Ryan Sells 3B SR R R 6/3 200
Kyle Beam C J1 R R 6/1 200
Jerad Casper 3B SR R R 6'2" 190 1/29/92
Turner Gill OF SR Left Left 6'3" 195 8/16/92
Brandon Williams RHP JR R R 6/1 210 10/1/1991
Joe Wainhouse P HS L R 6'6" 250 10/21/95
Jake Shirley SS JR Right Right 6'1" 195 1/18/1992
Jared Fisher P JR Left Right 6'4" 205 9/1/92
Trevor Lane OF/LHP J2 L L 5/11 190 4/26/1994
Derek Callahan LHP/OF JR L L 6/4 205 12/29/1992
Scott Simon P JR Right Right 6'8" 210 10/4/91
Yusuke Akitoshi SS J2 L R 6/1 175
Aaron Stroosman 1B/3B J2 R R 6/3 200 5/16/1994
Kavin Keyes 1B SR Both Right 6' 185 4/25/92
Collin Slaybaugh C SR Both Right 6'1" 180 4/3/92
Bowen Ogata SS RHP HS R R 6'2" 195
Andrew Kemmerer RHP J2 R R 6/1 185 10/29/1993
Caleb Whalen SS Jr. Right Right 6'2" 180 10/19/92
Brian Wolfe OF/LHP SR L L 6/3 205 10/16/1990
Isaac Anderson P J2 R R 6/1 185 9/4/93
Andy Peterson 2B/SS SR R R 5/11 175
Andrew Summerville P HS L L 6'3" 185 9/4/95
Michael Wood RHP J1 R R 6/1 190
Trek Stemp SS SO Right Right 5'8" 160 7/20/93
Cody Lavalli P SR Right Right 6'4" 190 1/22/92
J.D. Leckenby P SR Right Right 6'4" 205 8/9/91
Kohl Hostert RHP HS R R 6'4" 185
Andrew Ely 3B JR L R 5/11 180 1/23/1993
SEAN HARTNETT RHP JR R R 6/6 225 3/17/1993
Brac Warren RHP OF HS R R 6'4" 220
Mike Noteware RHP SR R R 6/1 185
Joey Morgan C HS R R 6'1" 185
Kayden Porter P J2 Right Right 6'5" 240 12/2/93
Nick Palewicz P SR Right Right 6'4" 205 3/1/91

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Michael Conforto Oregon State Oregon State Redmond, WA OR
Dylan Davis Oregon State Oregon State Redmond, WA OR
Joe Martarano Boise State (FB) Boise State (FB) Fruitland, ID ID
Jace Fry Oregon State Oregon State Beaverton, OR OR
Jeff Brigham Washington Washington Federal Way, WA WA
Travis Radke Portland Portland Thousand Oaks, CA OR
Jake Reed Oregon Oregon La Mesa, CA OR
Branden Kelliher Oregon Lake Stevens, WA WA
Slade Heggen Oregon Missoula, MT MT
Trace Loehr Oregon State Milwaukie, OR OR
Jackson Soto Oregon State Albany, OR OR
Porter Clayton Oregon Oregon Idaho Falls, ID OR
Scott Heineman Oregon Oregon Pacfic Palisades, CA OR
Ben Wetzler Oregon State Oregon State Clackamas, OR OR
Jason Monda Washington State Washington State Olympia, WA WA
Trace Tam Sing Washington State Bellevue, WA WA
Yale Rosen Washington State Washington State Oak Harbor, WA WA
Blake Drake Concordia Concordia Ramona, CA OR
Ben Roberts Washington State Washington State Missoula, MT WA
Christian Martinek Oregon State Beaverton, OR OR
Tommy Thorpe Oregon Oregon Vancouver, WA OR
Gage Hinsz Oregon State Billings, MT MT
Gage Burland Gonzaga Otis Orchards, WA WA
Drew Rasmussen Oregon State Colbert, WA WA
Scott Schultz Oregon State Oregon State Gig Harbor, WA OR
Nick Tanielu Washington State Federal Way, WA WA
Michael Gretler Oregon State Bonney Lake, WA WA
Stuart Fairchild Wake Forest Seattle, WA WA
Robert Pehl Washington Washington Chehalis, WA WA
Elliott Cary Oregon State Clackamas, OR OR
Dylan LaVelle Everett Everett Everett, WA WA
Kody Watts Portland Portland Vancouver, WA OR
Trevor Mitsui Washington Washington Shoreline, WA WA
Tanner Chleborad Washington State Washington State Rapid City, SD WA
Tyson Schmitt Bellevue Bellevue Chehalis, WA WA
Sam Tweedt Oregon State Salem, OR OR
Brian Olson Seattle U Seattle Black Diamond, WA WA
Kyle Olson Edmonds Edmonds Mill Creek, WA WA
Sam Johnson Oregon Oregon Portland, OR OR
Isaac Benard Washington West Richland, WA WA
Jacob Kolterman Lower Columbia CC Federal Way, WA WA
Nick Kiel Missouri Mill Creek, WA WA
Connor Hofmann Oregon Oregon San Diego, CA OR
Bo Cornish Portland Liberty, OR OR
Jayse McLean North Dakota State Great Falls, MT MT
Tyler Baumgartner Oregon Oregon Silverdale, WA OR
Brandon Berry Washington San Diego, CA WA
Jeff Hardy Cupertino, CA OR
Tyler Davis Washington Washington San Jose, CA WA
Michael Howard Baylor Baylor Prescott, AZ OR
Reiley Henderson Vancouver, WA WA
Mitchell Gunsolus Gonzaga Kenmore, WA WA
Kurt Yinger Portland Camas, WA OR
Tommy Lane Pendleton, OR OR
Aaron Pope Dixie State Pocatello, ID ID
Alex Hatch Mountlake Terrace, WA WA
Jeff Gold Oregon Oregon Moraga, CA OR
Joe Pistorese Washington State Kalispell, MT WA
Nick Lemoncelli Lewis-Clark State Lewis-Clark State Auburn, WA ID
Cody Chartrand Lewis-Clark State Nanaimo, BC ID
Branson Trube Gonzaga Meridian, ID ID
Ryan Sells Lewis-Clark State Brier, WA ID
Kyle Beam Hood River, OR OR
Jerad Casper Oregon State Oregon State Maple Valley, WA OR
Turner Gill Portland Portland Madras, OR OR
Brandon Williams Central Washington Auburn, WA WA
Joe Wainhouse Mississippi Kent, WA WA
Jake Shirley UCLA Lewis-Clark State Covina, CA ID
Jared Fisher Washington Washington Bellevue, WA WA
Trevor Lane Illinois-Chicago North Bend, WA WA
Derek Callahan Gonzaga Edmonds, WA WA
Scott Simon Washington State Washington State Spokane, WA WA
Yusuke Akitoshi Cal State Northridge Osaka, JP WA
Aaron Stroosman Sedro Woolley, WA WA
Kavin Keyes Oregon State Oregon State Sandy, UT OR
Collin Slaybaugh Washington State Washington State Puyallup, WA WA
Bowen Ogata Utah Boise, ID ID
Andrew Kemmerer Issaquah, WA WA
Caleb Whalen Portland Portland Camas, WA OR
Brian Wolfe Washington Snohomish, WA WA
Isaac Anderson Southern Idaho Wichita State Boise, ID ID
Andy Peterson Oregon State Granada Hills, CA OR
Andrew Summerville Stanford Seattle, WA WA
Michael Wood Olalla, WA WA
Trek Stemp Washington State Washington State Kennewick, WA WA
Cody Lavalli Lewis-Clark State Lewis-Clark State Apple Valley, CA ID
J.D. Leckenby Washington State Washington State Buhl, ID WA
Kohl Hostert Oregon Idaho Falls, ID ID
Andrew Ely Washington Eagle, ID WA
SEAN HARTNETT Washington State Washington State Kent, WA WA
Brac Warren Oregon Rosebud, MT MT
Mike Noteware Lewis-Clark State Tujunga, CA ID
Joey Morgan Oregon Sisters, OR OR
Kayden Porter North Carolina Spanish Fork, UT UT
Nick Palewicz Washington Washington Seattle, WA WA