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2014 MLB Draft: North Region

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The frozen north is always difficult to rank but Keaton McKinney stands tall atop this list.

Players in the north have a much more difficult time getting playing time than the rest of the country. They often play much less and are further behind in development. This always makes it more difficult to identify the best players. A guy like Sam Hentges may be looked at as a top 100 prospect, in theory, if he had as many innings under his belt as a player from Georgia. Then again, he may be written off because he doesn't have the skill level of the better pitchers in this class. We don't know. It's all projection here other than Keaton McKinney, who is a very polished player already. Several others have shown well this spring and are needing less projection but this is the toughest region in the country to rank.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Keaton McKinney P HS 35 60 Right Right 6'5" 230 1/3/96
Amazing change. Can throw if for a strike at any time. Good fastball and breaking ball. Fresh arm. Not a lot of projection. Arm heavy delivery but he has good athletecism. May be more in the tank.
Gareth Morgan RF HS 30 60 Right Right 6'4" 215 4/12/96
The bat is always a little off. He looks the part but always seems to come up short when I've seen him. He could be a late bloomer but I think he's a guy I'll always be waiting on to come through.
Mitch Keller P HS 30 55 R R 6'3" 200 4/4/96
Really easy delivery. Sat 88-91 last summer but touched 95 this spring. Projection is starting to be reality. Slow curve has tightened up this spring but still room for improvement. Fresh arm. Could be a steal for someone if he signs.
Jeren Kendall CF HS 30 50 Left Right 5'11" 180 2/4/96
A top of the order type of hitter. Good approach, contact swing and wheels. Plus-Plus speed. Good defensive CF. He has a very good arm to help defensive ability. Slap and run type of hitter with a little gap power.
Robert Byckowski 3B HS 30 50 Right Right 6'3" 210 6/11/96
Strong swing. Leveraged, power, good speed. Impressive strong swing
Sam Hentges P HS 25 50 Left Left 6'6" 240 7/18/1996
Top minnesota talent doesn't compare to recent to MN talent like Shore, Boldt. Raw, needs time and refinement but substantial potential no matter how unlikely he is to reach it.
Ryan Lillard SS HS 30 45 Left Right 6'2" 190 9/4/95
line drive swing. Quick wrists, not a lot of power. Solid defender
Jordan Hass P HS 30 45 Left Right 6'3" 175
Good breaking ball, solid depth and consistency. Very projectable frame. Could jump up in college when he adds strength.
Taylor Zeutenhorst OF SR Left Right 6'4" 200 10/25/91
Ben Meyer RHP JR R R 6/5 190 1/30/1993
J.P. Feyereisen P JR Right Right 6'3" 210
Scott Schreiber RHP SS HS R R 6'3" 215
Roderick Bynum OF HS R R 6'2" 170
Mitchell Robinson C 3B HS R R 6'3" 200 3/17/1996
Zachary Pop RHP 1B HS R R 6'4" 230 9/20/1996
Zack Henderson P HS Right Right 6'3" 215 12/25/95
Bryce Bellin RHP SR R R 6/3 210 10/31/1991
Quinn Carpenter P J2 Right Right 6'4" 185 3/20/94
David Ernst P JR Right Right 6'2" 200 9/8/92
Brayden Young RHP J1 R R 6/1 180
Jake Westphal P HS R R 6'1" 205 6/19/1996
Scott Splett OF SR R R 6/1 205
Alec Crawford RHP SR R R 6/2 210 1/10/1992
Lance Thonvold RHP SO R R 6/4 225 7/8/1993
Kurtis Horne LHP HS L L 6'5" 200 8/5/1996
J.D. Moore RHP JR L R 6/2 225 5/2/1992
Travis Wacker OF HS R R 6'1" 170
Sasha Kuebel P JR R L 6'1" 195 7/28/92
Parker Trewin LHP JR L L 6/3 185 10/21/1991
Jake Yacinich SS/3B JR L R 6/2 175
Conor Lillis-White LHP JR L L 6/5 210
Owen Spiwak C HS L R 6'3" 190 5/23/1995
Nick Hibbing P JR Right Right 6'5" 175 8/15/92
Matt Halloran C SR L R 5/10 185 8/29/1991
Ryan Solberg OF SR R R 6/5 230
Sean Johnson RHP J2 R R 6/7 205 7/6/1994
Jay Feliciano OF J1 R R 6/2 210 9/28/1995
Jason McMurray SS SO R R 6'1" 170 10/8/92
Roman Collins OF J2 L L 6/2 205 6/17/1994
Nick Belzer RHP J1 R R 6/2 160
Mitchell Bigras 1B SR L L 6/6 195 7/11/1996
Jeremy Newton RHP SO R R 6/2 200
Jean-Francois Garon OF SR R R 6/3 190 3/1/1997
Erik Swanson RHP J2 R R 6/3 220
Andrew Thome P JR R R 6/5 210 1/19/93
Eric Toole OF JR L R 6' 150
Joel Booker OF J2 R R 6/2 180
Tristan Clarke RHP SS HS R R 6'3" 170 6/4/1996
Jason Hoppe RHP SR R R 6/1 180 6/13/1992
Sam Koenig 3B SR R R 6'5" 220 3/5/92
Ben Onyshko LHP HS R L 6'2" 200 10/18/1996

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Keaton McKinney Arkansas Ankeny, IA IA
Gareth Morgan N.C. State Toronto, ON CAN
Mitch Keller North Carolina Cedar Rapids, IA IA
Jeren Kendall Vanderbilt Holmen, WI WI
Robert Byckowski Florida Gulf Coast Etobicoke, ON CAN
Sam Hentges Arkansas Shoreview, MN MN
Ryan Lillard Kansas State Urbandale, IA IA
Jordan Hass Pewaukee, WI WI
Taylor Zeutenhorst Iowa Iowa Sheldon, IA IA
Ben Meyer Minnesota Fridley, MN MN
J.P. Feyereisen Wisconsin-Stevens Point Wisconsin-Stevens Point River Falls, WI WI
Scott Schreiber Nebraska Menasha, WI WI
Roderick Bynum Fairbanks, AK AK
Mitchell Robinson Florida International Surrey, BC CAN
Zachary Pop Brampton, ON CAN
Zack Henderson Missouri Greendale, WI WI
Bryce Bellin Minnesota State-Mankato Appleton, WI MN
Quinn Carpenter Iowa Western Texas Tech Goshen, NY IA
David Ernst North Dakota State North Dakota State Fargo, ND ND
Brayden Young Lincoln, NE IA
Jake Westphal Tennessee Sioux City, IA IA
Scott Splett South Dakota State Apple Valley, MN SD
Alec Crawford Minnesota Wilton, IA MN
Lance Thonvold Minnesota Eden Prairie, MN MN
Kurtis Horne Sooke, BC CAN
J.D. Moore South Dakota State Mississauga, ON SD
Travis Wacker Grayson (Texas) CC Oakville, ON CAN
Sasha Kuebel Iowa Iowa St. Louis, MO IA
Parker Trewin North Dakota State Grand Rapids, MN ND
Jake Yacinich Iowa Des Moines, IA IA
Conor Lillis-White British Columbia Toronto, ON CAN
Owen Spiwak Florida International Mississauga, ON CAN
Nick Hibbing Iowa Iowa Lindenhurst, IL IA
Matt Halloran Minnesota Eden Prairie, MN MN
Ryan Solberg Wisconsin-Milwaukee Waukesha, WI WI
Sean Johnson Mississippi Durango, CO IA
Jay Feliciano Arecibo, PR IA
Jason McMurray Notre Dame Old Dominion West Des Moines, IA IA
Roman Collins Maple Grove, MN IA
Nick Belzer Ankeny, IA IA
Mitchell Bigras Sarnia, ON CAN
Jeremy Newton British Columbia Toronto, ON CAN
Jean-Francois Garon Terrebonne, QU CAN
Erik Swanson Pittsburgh Terrace Park, OH IA
Andrew Thome North Dakota North Dakota St. Cloud, MN ND
Eric Toole Iowa Iowa Council Bluffs, IA IA
Joel Booker Iowa Columbus, NC IA
Tristan Clarke Brampton, ON CAN
Jason Hoppe Minnesota State-Mankato Sauk Rapids, MN MN
Sam Koenig Wisconsin-Milwaukee Wisconsin-Milwaukee Prairie du Sac, WI WI
Ben Onyshko Stetson Winnipeg, MB CAN