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2014 MLB Draft: Georgia

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The top of the class has impact and there is potential for more impact as you go down the list.

The top of the Georgia class was hurt when Dylan Cease got hurt. I still haven't heard if he's having Tommy John or not yet or if he had it already. The top still has impact with one of the best bats in the draft in Michael Chavis, one of the best atheltes in Michael Gettys and the best collegiate catcher in Max Pentecost. Mac Marshall and Spencer Adams are top arms and there are a few guys on this list with big potential. They are just further away from their ceiling.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Michael Chavis 3B HS 35 70 Right Right 5'11" 180 8/11/95
Big power potential. Lightning fast wrists. Good arm. Not sure on defensive position. May be a RF but 3B could work. Hard worker but it doesn't look easy.
Michael Gettys CF HS 25 70 Right Right 6'2" 205 10/22/95
Huge tools. Great speed. Swing and miss issues hinder him. Too pull concious but big time bat speed. Arm is elite and could work on the mound as well. Boom or bust guy.
Max Pentecost C JR 40 60 Right Right 6'2" 191 3/10/93
Solid overall skills. Good athelte for a catcher. Some swing and miss. Not a lot of power potential. Bat looks good but is streaky.
Mac Marshall P HS 35 60 Right Left 6'2" 185 1/27/96
Shows flashes of three plus pitches. Velo needs to tick up for that but commands change and breaking ball well. Mid-rotation type with more upside.
Spencer Adams P HS 30 60 Right Right 6'5" 190 4/13/96
Tall and thin. Explosive fastball. Good extension. High 3/4 delivery.  Tight slider. Looks like a SS on the mound. Needs reps but big potential. Throws across his body. Needs to be changed but fixable.
Dylan Cease P HS 30 60 Right Right 6'2" 180 12/28/95
One of the best arms in the draft. Had elbow issue. Have yet to hear if he had TJS. Likely will happen at some point. Doesn't stay on top of his slider. Needs to use his power to tighten it up, stay on top of it. Floats it. Big potential though.
Isiah Gilliam 1B HS 30 55 Both Right 6'3" 215 7/23/96
Big bat. Better bat from the left side. Swing and miss from the right. Slow and likely a 1B. Maybe a LF with some work. Has enough arm for it. Was reclassified into 2014 draft after being a '15 until recently.
Kel Johnson RF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'4" 215 7/8/95
Huge power from the home schooler. Unusual swing causes potential problems. Inconsistent in my viewings. Old for class but will still take time. LIkely LF due to weak arm. Reminds me of Hunter Pence in a lot of ways.
Jared Walker 3B HS 30 55 Left Right 6'3" 200 2/4/96
Sneaky tools. Big arm, big bat. Huge power potential. Has first round tools  without the sexy hype. I really think this guy could be special.
Montrell Marshall 3B HS 25 55 Right Right 6'5" 200 4/2/96
long lean guy. Good swing. Projection. Great athelte
Clarke Schmidt SS HS 30 50 Right Right 6'2" 175 2/20/96
athletic long swing. FB 85-88, sl 78
Kameron Uter P HS 25 50 Right Right 6'4" 205 1/26/96
Big framed, athletic lanky build. The type of frame that allows good projection. Needs refinement in delivery. Can spin a breaking ball. Potential here.
A.J. Murray C JR 30 45 Right Right 6'2" 210 4/4/93
Never has shown me the skils I expected from him when I saw him as a prep.
Grayson Byrd SS HS 30 45 Left Right 6'3" 180 6/16/96
long whippy swing. Pauls son. More of a line drive approach. Very good athelte.
Daniel Gooden P HS Both Left 6'3" 205 8/18/96
Taylor Walls 2B HS S R 5'10" 170
Matt Grimes P SR Right Right 6'5" 185 9/4/91
Hunter Cole LF JR Right Right 6'1" 185 10/3/92
Sam Howard P JR Left Left 6'3" 170 3/5/93
Tucker Baca P HS Left Left 6'3" 195 6/17/96
Raphael Ramirez CF HS Left Left 5'11" 175 12/15/95
Dusty Isaacs P SR Right Right 6'1" 190 8/7/91
Cole Pitts P JR Right Right 6'4" 192 9/3/92
J.T. Phillips 3B SO Right Right 6'3" 195 12/7/93
Sam Clay P SO Left Left 6'2" 190 6/21/1993
Ryan Avidano P HS L L 6'7" 215 9/26/95
Keegan Mcgovern SS HS L R 6'3" 205 9/13/96
Dalton Ewing RF HS Right Right 6'1" 175 4/30/96
Griffin Helms C HS Right Right 6'1" 205 4/16/96
Alex Abbott RF HS Left Left 6'1" 195 11/2/94
Zach Alvord 3B SR Right Right 6'1" 173 11/12/91
Nelson Ward SS JR Left Right 5'11" 170 8/6/92
Justin Lewis SS RHP HS S L 6'1" 175
Josh Heddinger P JR Right Right 6/5 220 1/16/93
McKenzie Mills LHP 1B HS L L 6'4" 205
Will Solomon LHP Jr. L L 6/1 200 9/1/1992
Josh Day P HS R R 6'1" 185 3/20/1996
Drew Kelley C J2 B R 6/2 190
Chesny Young SS Jr. R R 6/1 180 10/6/1992
Dustin Beggs RHP J2 R R 6/4 175
Jacob Bruce OF JR Left Left 5'11" 165 7/22/93
Corey Kafka P J2 Right Right 6'1" 210 8/29/93
Matt McCall RHP SR R R 6/3 190 7/23/1990
J.K. King LHP/OF SO L L 6/1 200 4/9/1993
London Lindley OF J1
Sasha LaGarde OF SR L R 6/1 190 4/7/1991
Ventavis Jerger SS J2 R R 6/2 180
Ethan Bader P SR Right Right 6'5" 220 2/27/91
Luke Crumley P JR Right Right 6'5" 185 3/22/92
Darren Osby RHP 1B HS R R 6'4" 220
Jonathan Roberts RHP SR R R 6/3 205 6/8/1992
T.J. Riles OF HS L L 6'2" 180 9/15/1995
Dan Spingola OF JR L L 6/1 175 5/5/1993
Caden Bailey 2B JR Left Right 5'11" 170 4/13/93
Jarrett Brown P JR Right Left 6'3" 169 12/15/92
Tyler Carpenter RHP SR R R 6/5 225
Josh Taylor LHP JR L L 6/5 225
Aaron Mizell OF JR L R 6/1 165 10/14/1993
BRANDON AGAR RHP SO R R 6/3 205 2/7/1993
Alex Liquori OF SO Left Left 6'1" 195 11/13/93
Charles Sheffield OF JR Right Right 6'3" 180 12/7/92
Justin McCalvin RHP R-Jr. R R 6/1 160 1/14/1992
Patrick Boling P SR L L 6/3 205 10/28/1990
Tyler Palmer 2B SO Both Right 6' 175 1/13/93
Kent Rollins SS J2 Right Right 6' 175 2/11/1993
Jared Cheek RHP SO B R 6/1 180 10/31/1992
Bo Tucker P HS L L 6'5" 210 5/23/95
Evin Einhardt RHP SR R R 6/2 190
Trey Harris 3B HS R R 5'11" 195 1/5/96
Patrick Wiseman P HS L R 6'5" 220 5/1/96
Nic Wilson 1B SR R R 6/6 240 7/21/1992
Nathan Harsh P JR Right Right 6'6" 220 10/25/92
Spencer Duffie OF J2 R R 6/1 185
Chase Griffin C JR R R 6' 190 11/1/92
Austin Upshaw 2B SS, 3B, RHP HS L R 6'1" 182 7/28/1996
Mott Hyde SS SR Right Right 6' 175 3/10/92
Jared Walsh 1B JR Left Left 6'1" 195 7/30/92
Blake Jackson MIF HS R R 6'2" 190
Drew Wharton OF HS R R 6'3" 190 11/28/1995
John Harman LHP J2 L L 6/2 180
Riliani Familia OF J2 R R 6/3 210
Mike Parker 1B JR L R 6/4 230
Brandon Barker RHP SR R R 6/3 190 8/20/1992
Dominique Jackson OF RHP HS R R 6'3" 185 6/24/1996
Imani Willis SS HS R R 5'11" 180 11/7/95
Jared McKay OF RHP HS R R 6'1" 180
A.J. Moore P HS R R 6'4" 205 1/4/96
Chris McGrath LHP OF HS R L 6'3" 195
Jordan Baker P HS Right Right 6'2" 205 10/1/95

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Michael Chavis Clemson Marietta, GA GA
Michael Gettys Georgia Gainesville, GA GA
Max Pentecost Kennesaw State Kennesaw State Winder, GA GA
Mac Marshall LSU Lilburn, GA GA
Spencer Adams Georgia Cleveland, GA GA
Dylan Cease Vanderbilt Milton, GA GA
Isiah Gilliam Georgia Stone Mountain, GA GA
Kel Johnson Georgia Tech Palmetto, GA GA
Jared Walker Kennesaw St. Powder Springs, GA GA
Montrell Marshall Auburn Snellville, GA GA
Clarke Schmidt South Carolina Acworth, GA GA
Kameron Uter Wake Forest Atlanta, GA GA
A.J. Murray Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Westfield, NJ GA
Grayson Byrd Louisiana State Alpharetta, GA GA
Daniel Gooden Georgia Tech Griffin, GA GA
Taylor Walls Georgia Cordele, GA GA
Matt Grimes Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Lawrenceville, GA GA
Hunter Cole Georgia Georgia Roebuck, SC GA
Sam Howard Georgia Southern Georgia Southern Cartersville, GA GA
Tucker Baca Arizona State Suwanee, GA GA
Raphael Ramirez N.C. State Atlanta, GA GA
Dusty Isaacs Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Lebanon, OH GA
Cole Pitts Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Moultrie, GA GA
J.T. Phillips Georgia Georgia Midland, GA GA
Sam Clay Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Buford, GA GA
Ryan Avidano Georgia Fayetteville, GA GA
Keegan Mcgovern Georgia Willacoochee, GA GA
Dalton Ewing Clemson Alpharetta, GA GA
Griffin Helms Kennesaw State Duluth, GA GA
Alex Abbott Florida Tifton, GA GA
Zach Alvord Georgia Gwinnett Georgia Gwinnett Alpharetta, GA GA
Nelson Ward Georgia Marietta, GA GA
Justin Lewis Kentucky La Canada, CA GA
Josh Heddinger Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Suwanee, GA GA
McKenzie Mills Alabama State Marietta, GA GA
Will Solomon Kennesaw State Kennesaw State Columbus, GA GA
Josh Day Georgia Valdosta, GA GA
Drew Kelley Georgia Southern Bainbridge, GA GA
Chesny Young Mercer Mercer Atlanta, GA GA
Dustin Beggs Kentucky Roswell, GA GA
Jacob Bruce Kennesaw State Kennesaw State Woodstock, GA GA
Corey Kafka Middle Georgia State Middle Georgia State Ringgold, GA GA
Matt McCall Georgia Southern Valdosta, GA GA
J.K. King Georgia Tech Murfreesboro, TN GA
London Lindley Marietta, GA GA
Sasha LaGarde Mercer Montreal, QU GA
Ventavis Jerger Florida A&M Tallahassee, FL GA
Ethan Bader Armstrong Atlantic State Armstrong Atlantic State Jacksonville, FL GA
Luke Crumley Georgia Georgia Cleveland, GA GA
Darren Osby Alabama State Stone Mountain, GA GA
Jonathan Roberts Georgia Tech Fayetteville, GA GA
T.J. Riles Kennesaw State Ellenwood, GA GA
Dan Spingola Georgia Tech Roswell, GA GA
Caden Bailey Georgia State Georgia State Suwanee, GA GA
Jarrett Brown Georgia Georgia Conyers, GA GA
Tyler Carpenter Georgia Gwinnett Milton, GA GA
Josh Taylor Georgia College Peoria, AZ GA
Aaron Mizell Georgia Southern McRae, GA GA
BRANDON AGAR North Georgia North Georgia Snellville, GA GA
Alex Liquori Kennesaw State Kennesaw State Brooks, GA GA
Charles Sheffield Georgia Tech Georgia Perimeter Columbus, GA GA
Justin McCalvin Kennesaw State Kennesaw State Leesburg, GA GA
Patrick Boling Georgia Georgia Cartersville, GA GA
Tyler Palmer Thomas Georgia Davie, FL GA
Kent Rollins Middle Georgia State Middle Georgia State Snellville, GA GA
Jared Cheek Georgia Buckhead, GA GA
Bo Tucker Georgia Rome, GA GA
Evin Einhardt Brewton-Parker Battle Creek, MI GA
Trey Harris Missouri Powder Springs, GA GA
Patrick Wiseman Georgia Tech Roswell, GA GA
Nic Wilson Georgia State Decatur, GA GA
Nathan Harsh Kennesaw State Kennesaw State Brunswick, GA GA
Spencer Duffie Georgia Southern Appling, GA GA
Chase Griffin Georgia Southern Georgia Southern Leesburg, GA GA
Austin Upshaw Georgia Perimeter College Buford, GA GA
Mott Hyde Georgia Tech Calhoun, GA GA
Jared Walsh Georgia Georgia Duluth, GA GA
Blake Jackson Georgia Warner Robins, GA GA
Drew Wharton Clemson Suwanee, GA GA
John Harman Western Kentucky Carrollton, GA GA
Riliani Familia Santo Domingo, DR GA
Mike Parker Brewton-Parker Jacksonville, FL GA
Brandon Barker Mercer Woodstock, GA GA
Dominique Jackson Snellville, GA GA
Imani Willis Austin Peay Marietta, GA GA
Jared McKay Stone Mountain, GA GA
A.J. Moore Kennesaw State Dacula, GA GA
Chris McGrath Duke Atlanta, GA GA
Jordan Baker Navy Powder Springs, GA GA