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2014 MLB Draft: Florida Region

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Florida is loaded with talent this year. Impact talent at the top and impact tools with others as you go down the list.

Florida was really down last year but it's back in full force this year. Prep arms are the strength with four of them that could be considered in the first round with two near locks to go in the top 20. An impact short stop, and a mid-rotation college arm are sure fire first rounders. There is a lot of depth in this class. Here is the interactive map if you'd like to see where some of these guys are located geographically.

If you appreciate my work and want more of it now and in the future, support me by purchasing the 2014 MLB Draft Book. It will be available between May 19th and May 30th. The longer it takes, the more that will be in it. It's $4.99. PDF only. Last year it was 101 pages and will be larger this year with articles and information.

Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Touki Toussaint P HS 35 70 Right Right 6'2" 195 6/20/96
Potential for two plus pitches. Extremely high ceiling. Very raw. A long way from a finished product.
Nicholas Gordon SS HS 40 65 Left Right 6'1" 165 10/24/95
Near lock to stick at SS. Quick bat. Big arm with very good defense. Arm up to 94 on the mound with the Gordon breaking ball if needed. Bat plays. Power is the biggest question. Will he be strong enough or more like his brother, Dee?
Sean Reid-Foley P HS 35 65 Right Right 6'3" 220 8/3/95
Lively fastball, hard breaking ball. Lacks third pitch. Needs to gain consistent command. Has the build of a durable starter. Will be a high pick.
Luke Weaver P JR 45 55 Right Right 6'1" 165 8/21/93
Slender righty works consitently from 91-93 and has more when he needs it. Breaking ball isn't big but it works and is consistent. Change is solid average. Safe mid rotation arm.
Keith Weisenberg P HS 30 60 Right Right 6'4" 195 12/6/95
Quick arm creates low 90's velocity. Doesn't use legs well in delivery. Could be more in the tank due to this. Can hit 95. Slider has tight rotation. Change shows well and could be above average. Could fill out to be very good. Very projectable.
Cobi Johnson P HS 40 55 Right Right 6'4" 180 11/6/95
Fastball sits 90-93. Very good breaking ball. Big downer break with slow spin. May throw two types of curve ball because some break harder. Really impressive sink and fade on change. Knows how to pitch. Adds deception with his delivery.
Forrest Wall 2B HS 40 55 Left Right 6'1" 170 11/20/95
Natural hitter. Barrels the ball consistently. Can run. Has solid tools across the board but nothing elite. Position uncertain but bat is not.
Aramis Garcia C JR 40 55 Right Right 6'2" 195 1/12/93
All bat player started to show defensive ability. Receiving ability could be average. Has strong arm. Bat will play at corner OF. Some swing and miss but good power potential.
Jake Cosart P J2 30 60 Right Right 6'2" 210 2/11/94
Lightning fast arm. Up to 98 and sits 92-94. Has a lollipop breaking ball that has a lot of room for improvement but he can spin it. No reason he shouldn't be able to develop a change as well. Very good athlete. Quite a bit of potential here. Jarred's little brother.
Dale Carey OF SR 40 55 Right Right 6'3" 185 11/14/91
Excellent defender. Good athlete had draftitis last year but is showing the whole package this year. Good fundamental player that can hit, run and throw. Excellent senior sign.
J.J. Schwarz C HS 35 55 Right Right 6'2" 190
Just looks like a catcher. Square stance. Power bat. Strong approach. Good swing. Very good defensive catcher that should be a safe pick based on defensive value with power upside.
Adam Haseley P HS 30 55 Left Left 6'2" 180 4/12/96
Good athelte who is a two way guy but has more potential on the mound. Low 90's velocity with an excellent slider give him two above average offerings. Change has a chance to be average as well.
Kyle Marsh P HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 177 4/2/96
Short stride and fairly high effort delivery but a lightning fast arm. Missed a lot of the last year with a knee cap issue. Could be an excellent later round pick.
Carl Chester CF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'1" 170 12/12/95
Fast player. I question the hit tool due to a long, kinda stiff swing. Has an uppercut on occasion. Solid power potential. Impacts the ball. He has plus or better speed. Big arm. Toolsy player.
Reese Cooley SS HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 205 12/8/95
Athletic. Excellent runner with a good arm. Could play all three OF positions. He has a very fast bat and a good swing. Excellent all around talent with potential at the plate and in the field.
Justin Smith CF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 205 2/29/96
Looks the part. Contact is loud off the bat. Good range but passive in the outfield and on the bases. Needs fire in his game. Wide stancs hinders reach on outside pitches. Needs some mechanical work with swing but huge potential.
Luke Bonfield RF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 185 7/13/95
Solid all around player. Not sure where he fits defensively. Can flat out hit. Hits the ball hard all the time, everywhere. Line drive swing but could gain power with time. Really like the bat.
Taylor Gushue C JR 30 55 Both Right 6'2" 200 12/19/93
Unique path to the draft. Skipped draft and entered college early. Tools have always been better than performance. Defense is coming along. Power is best tool but is not consistent. Chance to be average or better across the board.
Matt Railey CF HS 30 55 Left Left 5'11" 195 3/16/95
Good athlete. Corner guy with good speed and range. Solid arm for RF.  Powerful swing. With loud impact off the bat. Inconsistent contact in games.
Joe Dunand SS HS 30 55 Right Right 6'2" 210 9/20/95
Tall stance. Good loft. Hits it hard. Nice power potential. 3B. A-Rod's cousin and it shows. Another one you can dream on.
Kyle Carter P J2 30 55 Left Left 6'1" 185 1/5/94
Up and down amateur career. Two way player went to Georgia but was kicked off team. Had injury issues. Now a pitcher with low 90's heat hitting 95. Excellent slider on occasion. Good change. Interesting arm.
Karsten Whitson P SR 25 55 Right Right 6'3" 195 8/25/91
Continued injury issues, lack of performance and general lack of playing time make him impossible to read at this point. He's a lottery ticket with unknown odds of hitting.
Milton Ramos SS HS 35 50 Right Right 6'2" 165 10/26/95
Amazing defender at SS. Good swing mechanics but needs work though. Minimal power but makes good contact. A similar player to Oscar Mercado last season.
Julius Gaines SS JR 35 50 Right Right 6' 170 9/10/92
Good defensive short stops. Solid potential with the bat.
Carson Sands P HS 30 50 Left Left 6'3" 205 3/28/95
Works 88-91 and tops out at 92. Has projection remaining. Nice change. Curveball not as advanced as change. Easy delivery but throws across his body.
Brandon Leibrandt P JR 40 45 Left Left 6'4" 180 12/13/92
Polished control and command guy. Fringy fastball, excellent change. Good college pitcher. Not sure he has MLB potential.
Foster Griffin P HS 30 50 Right Left 6'5" 210 7/27/95
Sits 88-90 but has projection. Curveball can be slurvy and has slow roation. Change is best pitch but could have three average offerings. Needs time to develop but could pay off.
Bennett Sousa P HS 30 50 Left Left 6'3" 185 4/6/95
Sitting 88-90 and touching 93. Very high leg kick and a deceptive delivery. Breaking ball is slurvy but could be average. Good change with excellent movement and arm speed. Command is his biggest weakness. Mid rotation potential.
Andrew Suarez P JR 40 45 Left Left 6'1" 205 9/11/92
Easy, simple arm action and delivery. Low 90's velocity but can get it up to 95 on occasion. Solid but not great secondaries. Most like him more than I do. I see a back of the rotation guy.
Kirvin Moesquit SS HS 30 50 Both Right 5'10" 165 3/10/95
Really quick bat. Good runner. Catalyst type. Could impact the top of a lineup. Plus contact ability. Can hit anything. No intimidation. Really like this guy.
Benito Santiago C HS 30 50 Left Right 5'10" 175 3/31/95
Short to the ball. Solid power. Good defensive catcher.
Ryan McCullers C HS 30 50 Right Right 5'11" 190 7/6/95
Balanced swing. Thick build. Catcher only. Line drive power. Plus contact ability. Very good actions behind the dish.
Tate Blackman SS HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 180 9/7/94
Simple line drive approach. Good power potential though. Loud contact off the bat. Short swing in game action. Quick twitch guy but I don't see elite. Very good all around player.
Brad Depperman P HS 30 50 R R 5'11" 170
Low 90's fastball. Fast riser this spring. Solid secondaries but command is an issue.
Jeremy Vasquez 1B HS 30 50 Left Left 6'1" 195 7/17/96
Easy swing with a smooth swing. Good contact ability and power potential. I think he's limited to 1B and he's a little short for the position. Vic Martinez is the crazy comp for him.
Javier Salas P SR 40 45 Right Right 6'4" 210 3/20/92
Polished senior threw a no-no earlier this spring. Doesn’t have that kind of stuff but is a solid org pitcher with potential to be a back end starter.
Jesse Lepore P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'4" 195 6/15/96
86-89 FB, 73-76 cb w/11-5 break, good ch 73-76. Some potential here.
Michael Mader P J3 30 50 Left Left 6'2" 195
Fastball up to 95 with an inconsistent slider that could be an above average pitch.
Ronnie Healy C J1 30 50 Left Right 5'11" 195 9/12/94
Good two way talent. Level swing with power potential. Can get up to mid 90's on the mound as well.
Brad Deppermann P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 180 6/15/96
Easy delivery. Inconsistent mechanics. Can spin a breaking ball and has a change.
Garrett Cave P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'3" 180 7/18/96
Arm action can get out of sync but he can hit 91. Lollipop curveball needs a lot of work but he could be a guy that could have high round potential if he figures it out.
Bryan Radziewski P JR 40 45 Left Left 5'9" 195 2/21/92
Mediocre fastball with big breaking slider. Breaks horizonatlly two feet sometimes. Unhittable for many college hitters when he's on. Uses it a lot. Not much else. Lefty specialist potential.
Erik Manoah P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'2" 210
Really stays on top of his fastball well. Good power from his entire body. Up to 93. Interesting arm.
Roberto Gonzalez LF HS 25 50 Left Left 6'2" 195 3/14/95
Projectable frame. Smooth swing but has a strong uppercut. It creates loft and big pull power but creates problems. Big tools and could be an under the radar catch for a team.
Todd Isaacs OF HS 35 45 R R 6'1" 175
Really fast player that lacks a bat. Weak hit tool and minimal power potential. Speed is a game changer thouhg.
Casey Turgeon SS JR 35 45 Left Right 5'10" 155 9/28/92
Great approach. Minimal power. Good athelte. Solid defender at 2B. I bet he goes back to Florida and is a senior sign next year.
Ryan Ripken 1B J1 35 45 Left Left 6'5" 210 7/26/93
Doesn't get close to the potential of his father, Cal, but is improving and I wouldn't bet against him being a big leaguer because of the atletecism and power potential.
Daniel Sweet OF HS 35 45 Both Left 6'1" 190 1/18/95
Josh Tobias SS JR 35 45 Both Right 5'10" 194 11/23/92
I was wrong about Tobias out of high school. I thought he and Delino Desheilds had similar skill sets and Tobias would be the better of the two. He's a utility guy. Maybe just an org guy.
Cre Finfrock P HS 30 45 Both Right 6'1" 170 6/26/96
Nasty breaking ball and fastball from 92-94 and I heard he hit 97. Bullpen arm but could be a good one.
Austin Gomber P JR 30 45 Left Left 6'5" 215 11/23/93
Low 90's fastball from tall lefty. Short stride hurts momentum. Shows a curve and a change but neither are average or better.
Eric Skoglund P JR 30 45 Left Left 6'6" 175 10/26/92
Michael Suchy OF JR 30 45 Right Right 6'4" 235 4/15/93
Jose Brizuela 3B JR 30 45 Left Right 6'1" 175 8/31/92
Plays above his tools. Good defender. Can hit a little.
M.T. Minacci SS J1 30 45 Right Right 6'2" 175 6/6/95
Good bat. Good arm. Solid two way guy.
Brandon Sedell C JR 30 45 Right Right 6'2" 200 12/14/92
Alex Faedo P HS 30 45 Right Right 6'5" 210 11/12/95
Jason Sierra LF J1 30 45 Right Right 6'3" 215 1/16/95
Solid contact ability. Has shown power. I liked him out of high school so I'm still a fan. Not great this year at Chipola.
Alex Aristy OF HS 30 45 Right Right 6'1" 190 12/14/95
Fast. Strong arm but I'm not sold on the bat. Power potential is there to be average but I don't know that he'll hit. Could be a sleeper if he does.
Josh Anderson OF SR Left Right 6'2" 200 11/4/92
Tucker Simpson P SO 30 45 Right Right 6'7" 220 5/12/93
Austin Murphy LF HS Left Left 6'2" 210
Dalton Guthrie SS HS 30 45 Right Right 6'1" 170 12/23/95
squares it up. Line drive approach. Ball player
Fenway Parks SS HS 30 40 Right Right 6'1" 195 2/14/95
short quick swing. Hard contact. short quick swing. Hard contact.
Bennie Robinson 1B SR 35 45 L 6'3" 240
Good bat control. Hard contact often. Solid senior sign.
Bernardo Bonifacio RF J1 Right Right 5'8" 190 2/1/94
Grant Heyman LF J2 Left Right 6'4" 210 11/7/93
Spencer Levine C HS Right Right 6'2" 205 4/25/96
Weston Davis P HS Right Right 6'4" 185 7/6/96
Andrew Karp P HS Right Right 6'2" 190 9/30/95
Dustin Hagy P JR Right Right 6'6" 220 12/26/94
Ryan Harris P JR Right Right 6'2" 200 1/25/93
Michael Rivera C HS Right Right 5'10" 180 12/12/95
Bryant Holtmann P JR Right Left 6'4" 180 2/5/93
Chris Diaz P JR Left Left 6' 190 5/24/93
Tyler Cyr RHP Jr. R R 6/3 190
Kevin Trader P J1 Right Right 5'10" 170 6/17/94
Fernando Garcia CF HS Right Right 6'2" 195 6/21/95
Duke Stunkel P HS Both Right 6'4" 215 2/8/95
Taylor Lane SS HS Right Right 6'2" 196 9/17/95
Kyle Kemp P HS Right Right 6'2" 210 3/5/96
Sam Proctor P HS Right Right 6'1" 205 7/25/96
Jonah Girand C HS Right Right 6'2" 198 5/3/95
Pavin Smith P HS L L 6'3" 206 2/6/96
Braden Mattson C JR Right Right 6'3" 195 12/28/92
Alex McRae P JR R R 6'2" 180 4/6/93
Jordan DeLorenzo LHP Jr. L L 6/1 195
Jon Sever LHP JR L L 6/4 190
Daniel Poncedeleon P SR Right Right 6'4" 190 1/16/92
David Trexler RHP/OF SR R R 6/3 180 9/4/90
Mitchell Morales SS JR Left Right 5'10" 165 3/3/93
Ronnie Williams RHP/OF SR R R 6/1 180
Dylan Busby SS HS R R 6'1" 170 11/28/95
Brian Gonzalez 1B HS R L 6'3" 230 10/25/95
Anfernee Seymour OF HS R R 6'1" 165
Christian Dicks OF SO Left Left 5'10" 190 8/9/94
Keven Pimental P HS Right Right 6'3" 215 4/7/96
Drew Carlton P HS R R 6'2" 197 9/8/95
Dakota Robbins C HS L R 6'1" 205 9/1/95
John Jones C HS S R 6'1" 190 10/9/95
Aaron Rhodes rhp R-So. L R 6/1 190 9/24/92
Sean Trent 3B J2 Right Right 6'1" 205 12/21/92
David Lee OF HS R R 6'4" 187 3/16/91
Colton Campbell P HS R L 5'11" 160
Cory Reid OF J2 R R 6/2 210 9/26/92
Christian Cuevas P HS R R 6'3" 200
Keegan Maronpot SS 3B, RHP, OF HS R R 6'4" 200
Evan Dougherty SS HS R R 6'1" 175 1/1/96
Alvie James OF J1 R R 6/2 210
Bruce Steel SS OF HS R R 6'2" 175
D.J. McKnight OF J1 L R 6/1 195 1/29/94
Brendan Cutting C 1B HS L R 6'3" 205
Kevin Martin LHP J2 L L 6/1 165
Bo Decker OF HS Right Right 6'1" 170 4/20/93
Ian Rice C SO Right Right 6'1" 190 8/19/93
Luis Ciuro C J1 R R 5/11 185
Justin Shafer P JR Right Right 6'2" 182 9/18/92
Derek Vail RHP J2 R R 6/4 190
Tyler Moore C JR Left Right 6'2" 190 9/22/91
Matt Foster RHP J1 R R 5/11 205 1/27/95
Maxwell Watt RHP J2 R R 6/8 265 8/9/94
Christian Khawam OF J1 R R 5/9 195
Dillon Frye P JR R R 6'1" 165 10/2/92
Eddie Medina 2B/OF JR R R 5/8 170 2/11/93
Darren Seferina SS J1 L R 5/10 175 1/24/94
Richard Moesker RHP HS R R 6'1" 180
Kyle Bird LHP JR L L 6/2 195
Bryan Colon-Negron SS J1 R R 6/1 165 1/30/95
Bobby Poyner P JR L L 6/1 205 12/1/92
Hunter Bening 1B J1 R R 6/5 240 10/25/94
Emilio Ogando LHP Jr. L L 6/1 180 8/13/93
Kyle Teaf SS/2B JR L R 5/11 175 3/30/93
Austin Glorius RHP J2 R R 6/3 195
Tevin Johnson OF J2 Right Right 6'3" 190 8/26/93
Derrick Salberg OF JR L L 6/1 175 5/19/92
Nic Nelson RHP SR R R 6/1 195
Mitchell Cody RHP J2 R R 6/4 215
Matt Pearce RHP J2 R R 6/3 200
Casey Mulholland P JR Right Right 6'4" 175 12/17/91
Jonathan Bermudez LHP J1 R L 6/1 180 10/16/95
Corey Tufts P JR R R 6'4" 200
Michael Ellis P SR Left Right 6'1" 185 6/25/92
Conner Andrews RHP 1B HS R R 6'3" 205
Montana Durapau RHP SR R R 6/1 170 3/27/92
Nick Flair SS JR Right Right 6’3" 175 10/31/92
Jancarlos Cintron SS J1 R R 6/1 175
Eric Hepple P HS R R 6'2" 200 3/28/96
Kyle Zech OF SR R R 6/3 195 3/25/92
A.J. Salcines LHP SR L L 6/1 200 1/5/92
Drew Weeks SS JR Right Right 6'2" 180 6/9/93
Devon Ortiz SS HS R R 6'1" 165 7/25/96
Danny Mars OF J2 B R 6/1 185
Peter Miller P SR Right Right 6'1" 185 4/27/92
Spencer Davis P JR Right Right 6'3" 215 9/14/91
Sal Giardina 3B SR B R 6/4 200 4/30/92
Justin Gonzalez SS SR Right Right 6'2" 180 6/14/91
Dawson Brown RHP JR R R 6/6 210
Scott Garner P SR R R 6'2" 200 11/26/91
Shane Crouse P J2 Right Right 6'3" 190 7/17/93
Mike Compton RHP SO R R 6/2 195 11/5/92
James Vasquez 1B JR Left Left 6' 205 11/8/92
Tyler Humphreys 3B/RHP J2 R R 6/2 205
Zach Tillery 3B/RHP JR R R 6/4 205 1/12/93
Zach Drury RHP 3B, OF HS R R 6'1" 190 10/26/95
Brian Browning LHP J1 L L 6/2 185
Trevor Davis SS J1 R R 5/11 175
Chucky Vazquez C J2 Right Right 6'1" 200 9/24/93
GARRETT RUSSINI C JR L R 6/1 200 6/7/93
James Granat RHP J1 R R 6/2 205
Ahmad Christian SS JR Both Right 6' 190 11/23/93
Robert Coursel RHP J2 R R 6/2 200 12/12/93
Colby Lusignan 3B/1B J2 L R 6/3 225
Justin Russell RHP JR R R 6/4 225 12/23/91
Jamal Martin OF J2 Right Right 6' 175 1/15/93
Joel McKeithan SS SR Both Right 6'2" 173 8/15/91
Levi Borders C SO Right Right 6'3" 180 12/21/92
Pearson McMahan RHP HS L R 6'2" 175
Derek King SS RHP HS R R 6/2 180
Alberto Rodriguez RHP J1 R R 6/1 225
Tommy Williams SS JR Right Right 6'2" 175 3/11/93
Brandon Elmy P HS R R 6'2" 195 10/11/95
Mario Amaral C JR Right Right 6'1" 195 10/14/93
Nick Nolan RHP J1 R R 6/2 210
Trae Ratliff RHP J1 R R 6/1 185
Casey Schroeder C SO Both Right 6'2" 190 7/12/93
Casey Scoggins OF J2 L L 5/10 180
Carlos Garmendia 3B HS Right Right 6'2" 190 6/23/93
Michael Barash C HS R R 6' 175 10/12/94
Cody Landford 2B/OF J2 R R 6/1 195 8/8/93
Andrew Deramo RHP 1B HS R R 6'5" 185 5/26/95
Evan Cannan OF RHP, SS HS R R 6'1" 175 8/13/95
Michael Franco RHP JR R R 6/1 205 11/30/91
Juan Pimentel RHP J1 R R 6/3 205
Logan Warmoth SS HS S R 6'1" 180 9/6/95
Austin Hays OF J1 R R 6/1 195
Garrett Peek RHP OF HS R R 6'4" 205
Michael Cetta P JR R R 5'11" 185
Michael Abreu SS J2 Right Right 6' 170 9/29/93
Alex House P HS R R 6'2" 170 8/24/96
Nick Agosto SS HS L R 5'10" 185 11/26/95
Reggie McClain P J2 Right Right 6'2" 185 11/16/92
Ryne Willard SS J2 R R 6/1 180
Robert Cancio LHP/1B J1 L L 6/2 195
Clay Chapman RHP SR R R 6/1 200 5/11/92
Casey Kulina LHP J3 R L 5/9 160
Brandon Vicens OF HS R R 6'1" 190 12/7/95
Luke Spangler P/OF HS L L 6'1" 150 3/28/95
Michael Mediavilla P HS Right Left 6'4" 230 8/14/95
Hunter Alexander C HS Right Right 6'2" 185 6/27/96
Kevin Buckley 3B HS R R 6'3" 200 11/17/95
Hunter Van Horn P HS L L 6'3" 190 5/30/96
Evan Mendoza SS RHP HS R R 6'2" 193
Dash Winningham 1B HS L L 6'2" 220 10/11/95
Christopher Koppenhaver P HS R R 6'2" 200 7/10/96
Jeremiah Muhammad P HS R R 6'5" 215 11/14/94
Bret Maxwell C HS R R 5'11" 185 6/14/96
Darren Miller 3B HS R R 5'9" 175 5/29/96
Chris Bec SS HS R R 5'11" 185 12/30/95
Christian Hicks SS 2B HS S R 6'2" 175
Brandon Diaz LHP J2 L L 6'1" 200 9/9/94
Josh Thorne P SO Right Right 6'2" 185
Byron Ferguson P SO Right Right 6' 185 2/25/93
Devin Meyer P HS L R 6'3" 180
Maikol Mora RHP HS R R 6'1" 175
Keenan Kish P SR Left Right 6'3" 180 11/29/91
Zack Powers 3B SR Left Right 6'3" 190 11/24/91
Duke Stunkel, Jr. OF 1B HS L R 6'4" 215
Ronny Orta RHP HS R R 5'10" 180
Ronald Williams RHP OF HS R R 6'1" 180

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Touki Toussaint Vanderbilt Coral Springs, FL FL
Nicholas Gordon Florida State Windermere, FL FL
Sean Reid-Foley Florida State Jacksonville, FL FL
Luke Weaver Florida State Florida State DeLand, FL FL
Keith Weisenberg Stanford Seminole, FL FL
Cobi Johnson Florida State Holiday, FL FL
Forrest Wall North Carolina Winter Park, FL FL
Aramis Garcia Florida International Florida International Pembroke Pines, FL FL
Jake Cosart Seminole State Duke League City, TX NC
Dale Carey Miami Miami Marietta, GA FL
J.J. Schwarz Florida Palm Beach Gardens, FL FL
Adam Haseley Virginia Windermere, FL FL
Kyle Marsh UCF Port Orange, FL FL
Carl Chester Miami Longwood, FL FL
Reese Cooley Chipola JC (FL) Orange Park, FL FL
Justin Smith Miami St. Johns, FL FL
Luke Bonfield Arkansas Skillman, NJ FL
Taylor Gushue Florida Florida Boca Raton, FL FL
Matt Railey Florida State Tallahassee, FL FL
Joe Dunand North Carolina State Miami, FL FL
Kyle Carter Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Midland, GA FL
Karsten Whitson Florida Florida Chipley, FL FL
Milton Ramos Florida Atlantic Hiealea, FL FL
Julius Gaines Florida International Florida International McDonough, GA FL
Carson Sands Florida State Tallahassee, FL FL
Brandon Leibrandt Florida State Florida State Atlanta, GA FL
Foster Griffin Ole Miss Orlando, FL FL
Bennett Sousa Virginia North Palm Beach, FL FL
Andrew Suarez Miami Miami Miami, FL FL
Kirvin Moesquit Miami Deerfield Beach, FL FL
Benito Santiago Tennessee Pembroke Pines, FL FL
Ryan McCullers Middle Tennessee State Tampa, FL FL
Tate Blackman Mississippi Altamonte Springs, FL FL
Brad Depperman Palm Harbor, FL FL
Jeremy Vasquez Florida Palm City, FL FL
Javier Salas Miami Miami Coral Gables, FL FL
Jesse Lepore Miami Beverly HIlls, FL FL
Michael Mader Chipola (Fla.) Florida State Marianna, FL FL
Ronnie Healy Broward CC Broward CC Jupiter, FL FL
Brad Deppermann North Florida Palm Harbor, FL FL
Garrett Cave Florida International Sumterville, FL FL
Bryan Radziewski Miami Miami Miami, FL FL
Erik Manoah Florida International Homestead, FL FL
Roberto Gonzalez Central Florida Orlando, FL FL
Todd Isaacs Delray Beach, FL FL
Casey Turgeon Florida Florida Dunedin, FL FL
Ryan Ripken Indian River (Fla.) JC South Carolina Hunt Valley, MD SC
Daniel Sweet Dallas Baptist Jackson, MS FL
Josh Tobias Florida Florida Greensboro, NC FL
Cre Finfrock UCF Jensen Beach, FL FL
Austin Gomber Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic Winter Garden, FL FL
Eric Skoglund UCF UCF Sarasota, FL FL
Michael Suchy Florida Gulf Coast Florida Gulf Coast Bradenton, FL FL
Jose Brizuela Florida State Weston, FL FL
M.T. Minacci Chipola College Chipola College Tallahassee, FL FL
Brandon Sedell Florida Florida Cooper City, FL FL
Alex Faedo Florida Tampa, FL FL
Jason Sierra Chipola College Chipola College Sarasota, FL FL
Alex Aristy Palm Beach State Loxahatchee, FL FL
Josh Anderson Florida International Florida International San Diego, CA FL
Tucker Simpson Chipola Florida Oxford, AL FL
Austin Murphy Episcopal Episcopal Jacksonville, FL FL
Dalton Guthrie Florida Sarasota, FL FL
Fenway Parks Iowa Boca Raton, FL FL
Bennie Robinson Florida A & M FL
Bernardo Bonifacio Northwest Florida State Northwest Florida State Jacksonville, FL FL
Grant Heyman Southern Nevada Southern Nevada Pittsford, NY FL
Spencer Levine Florida International Miami, FL FL
Weston Davis Florida Bradenton, FL FL
Andrew Karp Florida State Winter Garden, FL FL
Dustin Hagy State College of Florida-Manatee State College of Florida-Manatee DeLand, FL FL
Ryan Harris Florida Florida West Palm Beach, FL FL
Michael Rivera Florida Venice, FL FL
Bryant Holtmann Florida State Florida State New Baden, IL FL
Chris Diaz Miami Miami FL
Tyler Cyr Embry Riddle Embry Riddle FL
Kevin Trader Chipola (Fla.) JC Chipola (Fla.) JC Delmar, MD FL
Fernando Garcia Jacksonville, FL FL
Duke Stunkel Florida Palm Beach Gardens, FL FL
Taylor Lane Florida Chesapeake, VA FL
Kyle Kemp Lipscomb Port Charlotte, FL FL
Sam Proctor Pittsburgh Sarasota, FL FL
Jonah Girand Maitland, FL FL
Pavin Smith Virginia Jupiter, FL FL
Braden Mattson Florida Florida San Antonio, TX FL
Alex McRae Jacksonville Jacksonville New Berlin, WI FL
Jordan DeLorenzo West Florida West Florida Orlando, FL FL
Jon Sever Bethune-Cookman Travelers Rest, GA FL
Daniel Poncedeleon Houston Embry-Riddle La Mirada, CA FL
David Trexler North Florida Lynn Haven, FL FL
Mitchell Morales Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic West Palm Beach, FL FL
Ronnie Williams Florida A&M Miami, FL FL
Dylan Busby UCF Sarasota, FL FL
Brian Gonzalez Miami Miramar, FL FL
Anfernee Seymour Delray Beach, FL FL
Christian Dicks Florida Florida Jacksonville, FL FL
Keven Pimental Miami Miami Wading River, NY FL
Drew Carlton Florida State Lakeland, FL FL
Dakota Robbins Auburn Miami, FL FL
John Jones Miami Orlando, FL FL
Aaron Rhodes Florida Florida Venice, FL FL
Sean Trent Manatee Manatee Maitland, FL FL
David Lee Florida International Gainesville, FL FL
Colton Campbell Wake Forest Deltona, FL FL
Cory Reid Stetson Port St. Lucie, FL FL
Christian Cuevas Jacksonville, FL FL
Keegan Maronpot Wake Forest Tarpon Springs, FL FL
Evan Dougherty Duke Fort Myers, FL FL
KUEHL McEACHERN Flagler (Fla.) Flagler (Fla.) Eustis, FL FL
Alvie James Coral Springs, FL FL
Bruce Steel Wake Forest Jupiter, FL FL
D.J. McKnight Madison, FL FL
Brendan Cutting Eastern Kentucky Englewood, FL FL
Kevin Martin Eagles Landing, GA FL
Bo Decker UCF Clermont, FL FL
Ian Rice Chipola Houston Arlington, VA FL
Luis Ciuro Santa Isabel, PR FL
Justin Shafer Florida Florida Lake Wales, FL FL
Derek Vail Clemson Gainesville, FL FL
Tyler Moore LSU LSU Daytona Beach, FL FL
Matt Foster Valley, AL FL
Maxwell Watt Babylon, NY FL
Christian Khawam Miami, FL FL
Dillon Frye Western Carolina Western Carolina Sanford, NC FL
Eddie Medina St. Thomas Toa Baja, PR FL
Darren Seferina Lake Worth, FL FL
Richard Moesker Miami, FL FL
Kyle Bird Flagler Jacksonville, FL FL
Bryan Colon-Negron Cayey, PR FL
Bobby Poyner Florida Florida Wellington, FL FL
Hunter Bening Fayetteville, GA FL
Emilio Ogando St. Thomas St. Thomas Valrico, FL FL
Kyle Teaf South Florida Leesburg, FL FL
Austin Glorius Winter Garden, FL FL
Tevin Johnson Gulf Coast State Gulf Coast State McDonough, GA FL
Derrick Salberg Central Florida Kelso, WA FL
Nic Nelson Panama City, FL FL
Mitchell Cody St. Augustine, FL FL
Matt Pearce Tampa Bonita Springs, FL FL
Casey Mulholland South Florida South Florida Bradenton, FL FL
Jonathan Bermudez Coamo, PR FL
Corey Tufts Embry-Riddle Embry-Riddle Clermont, FL FL
Michael Ellis Florida International Florida International Surrey, BC FL
Conner Andrews North Florida Jacksonville, FL FL
Montana Durapau Bethune-Cookman Deltona, FL FL
Nick Flair Tampa Gulf Coast State Belle Chasse, LA FL
Jancarlos Cintron Delray Beach, FL FL
Eric Hepple Central Florida Margate, FL FL
Kyle Zech Stetson Naples, FL FL
A.J. Salcines Miami Miami, FL FL
Drew Weeks North Florida North Florida Orange Park, FL FL
Devon Ortiz South Carolina-Upstate Winter Springs, FL FL
Danny Mars Sarasota, FL FL
Peter Miller Florida State Florida State Lutz, FL FL
Spencer Davis Central Florida Central Florida The Woodlands, TX FL
Sal Giardina Lynn Valrico, FL FL
Justin Gonzalez Florida State Miami, FL FL
Dawson Brown West Florida McDonough, GA FL
Scott Garner Bethune-Cookman Bethune-Cookman Port Orange, FL FL
Shane Crouse Lake Sumter Lake Sumter Ocoee, FL FL
Mike Compton Florida State Branson, MO FL
James Vasquez UCF UCF Martin County, FL FL
Tyler Humphreys Crystal River, FL FL
Zach Tillery Florida Gulf Coast Naples, FL FL
Zach Drury North Florida Land O' Lakes, FL FL
Brian Browning Birmingham, AL FL
Trevor Davis Fort Mitchell, AL FL
Chucky Vazquez Broward Broward Plantation, FL FL
GARRETT RUSSINI Stetson Stetson Bradenton, FL FL
James Granat Pensacola, FL FL
Ahmad Christian South Carolina South Carolina Jacksonville, FL FL
Robert Coursel Florida Atlantic St. Petersburg, FL FL
Colby Lusignan Sorrento, FL FL
Justin Russell Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL FL
Jamal Martin Florida State Miami-Dade West Palm Beach, FL FL
Joel McKeithan St. Leo St. Leo Asheville, NC FL
Levi Borders South Florida South Florida Winter Haven, FL FL
Pearson McMahan North Florida Fernandina Beach, FL FL
Derek King Ft Meade, FL FL
Alberto Rodriguez Tampa, FL FL
Tommy Williams UCF Central Florida North Palm Beach, FL FL
Brandon Elmy Furman Nokomis, FL FL
Mario Amaral Florida State Miami-Dade Hialeah, FL FL
Nick Nolan Seminole, FL FL
Trae Ratliff Brooksville, FL FL
Casey Schroeder Kentucky Coastal Carolina Ottawa, OH FL
Casey Scoggins Jensen Beach, FL FL
Carlos Garmendia Miami, FL FL
Michael Barash LSU Boca Raton, FL FL
Cody Landford Atlanta, GA FL
Andrew Deramo Lynn Haven, FL FL
Evan Cannan High Point Tarpon Springs, FL FL
Michael Franco Florida International Corpus Christi, TX FL
Juan Pimentel Miami, FL FL
Logan Warmoth North Carolina Longwood, FL FL
Austin Hays Deleon Springs, FL FL
Garrett Peek UAB Gulf Breeze, FL FL
Michael Cetta The Citadel Central Florida Miami, FL FL
Michael Abreu Hillsborough Hillsborough Key West, FL FL
Alex House Florida Atlantic Winter Park, FL FL
Nick Agosto Port Charlotte, FL FL
Reggie McClain Manatee Missouri Johns Creek, GA FL
Ryne Willard Smithsburg, MD FL
Robert Cancio Miami, FL FL
Clay Chapman Florida Southern Orlando, FL FL
Casey Kulina Jacksonville Hummelstown, PA FL
Brandon Vicens Florida Atlantic Miami Lakes, FL FL
Luke Spangler Miami Cape Coral, FL FL
Michael Mediavilla Miami Hialeah, FL FL
Hunter Alexander Florida Green Cove Springs, FL FL
Kevin Buckley Tampa, FL FL
Hunter Van Horn Louisiana State Tampa, FL FL
Evan Mendoza North Carolina State Sarasota, FL FL
Dash Winningham Florida Gulf Coast Ocala, FL FL
Christopher Koppenhaver Duke Davie, FL FL
Jeremiah Muhammad Miami-Dade (Fla.) CC Somerset, NJ FL
Bret Maxwell Florida State St. Petersburg, FL FL
Darren Miller Florida State Key West, FL FL
Chris Bec Tennessee Miami, FL FL
Christian Hicks Florida St. Augustine, FL FL
Brandon Diaz Broward (Fla.) Stetson Plantation, FL FL
Josh Thorne Stetson Stetson Stuart, FL FL
Byron Ferguson Bethune-Cookman Bethune-Cookman Lake Worth, FL FL
Devin Meyer Miami Coral Springs, FL FL
Maikol Mora Polk State Brandon, FL FL
Keenan Kish Florida Florida Worcester, PA FL
Zack Powers Florida Florida Seffner, FL FL
Duke Stunkel, Jr. Florida Atlantic Palm Beach Gardens, FL FL
Ronny Orta State College of Florida Brandon, FL FL
Ronald Williams Florida A&M, Palm Beach State Miami, FL FL