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2014 MLB Draft: Mid-Atlantic Region

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Not much impact but a handful of guys who could be solid regulars in the majors and a few prep guys who could move up after three years of school.

The Mid-Atlantic has some interesting talent but no true impact talent. Bukauskas could be an impact guy but his track record is short and he says he wants to go to college. I'm not sold on that. I see it as a bargaining chip. Derek Fisher has the most impact potential but he's a question since his tools have not played while he has been at Virginia. Here is the interactive map if you'd like to see where some of these guys are located geographically.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Derek Fisher LF JR 45 55 Left Right 6'3" 205 8/21/93
All potential. Swing and miss issuesand lacks game power. Shows it all at times. Defensively limited by actions but not tools. Can run and throw, just inconsistent. Star on paper, question in reality.
Jacob Bukauskas P HS 30 60 Right Right 6'1" 195 10/11/96
A 2015 pick until this spring. Reclassification and velo jump make him a top 100 pick. Up to 97 with average or a tick above slider and change. If he was 90, he'd be a college arm. Still might be but 97 is tempting. He's sent a letter out saying he's going to school.
Mike Papi LF JR 40 55 Left Right 6'2" 190 9/19/92
Great approach at the plate. Could hit for above average power with strength but I don't know if it will work. I don't have a good feeling but he could prove me very wrong. Kind of a train wreck in LF on occasion but average potential is there.
Nick Howard P JR 40 55 Right Right 6'4" 215 4/6/93
Up to 94 without proper warm up on occasion. Great breaking ball. Shows a change. Best closer in the country. I'd try to start him, though he worked 90-92 as a starter when I saw him as a sophomore. Great demeanor on the mound.
Devon Fisher C HS 30 55 Right Right 6'1" 200 5/1/96
Excellent defensive catcher. Good catch and throw skills. Solid at blocking pitches. Quick wrists and good bat speed but they work independantly form the rest of his body. Needs to work on timing but there is excellent potential at the plate as well.
Jack Gerstenmaier 3B HS 30 55 Right Right 6'1" 201 5/5/95
Really simple smooth swing. Good line drive stroke. Solid arm, good speed. Could be a solid 3B or a LF if he can't stick at SS. He may even work at 2B.
Blake Bivens P HS 35 50 Right Right 6'2" 205 8/11/95
Good low 90's righty. Three solid average pitches but likely not much room for improvement other than command. Mid-rotation ceiling.
Mark Zagunis C JR 35 50 Right Right 6'1" 190 2/5/93
Solid tools across the board. Good bat to ball ability with professional approach. Can hit one out on occasion. Good athelte for a catcher. Atheltic enough to handle a corner OF spot.
Jake Stinnett P JR 35 50 Right Right 6'4" 200 4/25/92
Having a great season this spring. He is flying up draft boards. I'm not a beliver. Low slot and current arm action won't allow the command to be what it needs. 90-94 MPH fastball at times and nice slider may work out of the pen.
Jeff Harding P HS 30 50 Right Right 5'11" 170 7/21/96
Short righty with explosive fastball and plus curveball. Height makes people think bullpen but change gives him a solid shot at starting. Reminds me a bit of Marcus Stroman.
Hunter Williams 1B HS 30 50 Left Left 6'3" 215 2/7/96
Big power potential. Good bat but with some swing and miss. He's a decent LHP and could play both ways at UNC. I expect him to get to campus.
Branden Cogswell SS JR 40 45 Left Right 6'2" 180 1/12/1993
Good defensive middle infielder. Line drive approach with minimal power. Could be a utility guy.
Charlie Cody 3B HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 180 11/21/95
Kind of a slow trigger on his swing but really impacts the ball when he hits it. Keeps his hands too high and the swing gets long. If he improves this, he could have an excellent bat. Plus speed. Average arm for 3B.
Derek Casey P HS 25 50 Right Right 6'1" 185 2/16/96
Harsh delivery creates low 90's fastball. Quiet the delivery and he could be an impressive pitcher. Slider works. Bet he's a top 3 round guy in three years.
Brodie Leftridge CF HS 25 50 Right Right 6'1" 170 2/20/96
Really skinny athelte. Good swing but needs strength. Good arm. Plus runner. Interesting toolsy player.
Brandon Downes LF JR 35 45 Right Right 6'3" 200 9/29/92
Good athlete. Solid defender in the OF. Swing can get long at times. Tentative this spring. Doesn't seem to be identiying pitches well. Has a little draftitis I think.
Ashton Perritt P JR 35 45 Right Right 6'3" 195
Low 90's fastball that can hit 94. Has a solid slider. Reliever.
Artie Lewicki P JR 35 45 Right Right 6'3" 210 4/8/1992
Decent arm in the low 90's at his best. Senior sign.
Troy Stokes CF HS 30 45 Right Right 5'11" 180 2/2/96
Easy swing, quick bat. Simple controlled bat. Quiet swing. Quick wrists. Not a lot of power but good bat to ball. Very good CF. Weak arm.
Tommy Doyle P HS 30 45 Right Right 6'6" 215 5/1/96
Has the standard Virginia delivery. Good low 90's fastball. Good potential for more.
Justin Morris C HS Left Right 6'2" 200
Nick Wells P HS L L 6'5" 180
Hunter Taylor P HS R R 6'1" 210 6/8/96
Tyler Hill OF C HS R R 6'1" 195
Josh Reavis C JR R R 6/1 210
Charlie White OF JR L L 5/9 180 11/13/91
Heath Dwyer LHP JR L L 6/3 200 6/4/1993
Blake Schmit SS SR R R 6/1 195
Jordan Negrini 3B Sr. R R 6/3 210 9/23/1991
Brad Markey P SR Right Right 5'11" 180 3/3/92
Jack Vander Linden RHP JR R R 6/5 205
Joe Vanderplas LHP SO L L 6/2 215 9/1/1992
Vimael Machin SS JR Left Right 5'10" 173 9/25/93
Michael Katz 1B JR R R 6/3 215
Connor Overton RHP/SS SO R R 6/1 190
Jason Inghram P JR R L 6'2" 185
Matt Winn C JR R R 6/1 210
Ryan Seiz 3B SR Both Right 6'3" 200 8/17/92
Carson Herndon RHP/SS JR R R 6/4 215
Brandon Gonnella RHP/OF SR R R 5/10 175
Greg Olenski OF JR R R 6/1 205 9/17/1991
CHRIS HUFFMAN RHP JR R R 6/2 210 11/25/1992
Peter Solomon RHP OF HS R R 6'4" 185
Kyle McKelvey RHP SO R R 6/1 200
Matt McClain P SR R R 6'2" 180 11/11/91
Reed Garrett RHP JR R R 6/1 180
Josh Eldridge OF JR L L 6/3 200 11/4/1992
Isaiah Pasteur RHP SS HS R R 6'2" 170
Jordan Tarsovich OF Sr. R R 5/10 170
Wardy Polanco SS J2 6/1 180
Anthony Papio OF SO L R 6/3 190
John Sheehan RHP Sr. R R 5/11 200
Andrew Sharpe C HS R R 6'1" 190 8/8/1996
Alex Close C JR R R 6'3" 215 3/19/93
Jared Lyons P JR L L 6' 168
Norm Donkin OF JR R R 6/1 185
Sean Keselica 1B JR L L 6'2" 185 6/14/93
Anthony Parenti LHP JR L L 6/2 210
Dan Grauer P SR R R 6/3 230 8/7/1992
Matt Tenaglia OF/1B SR L R 6/2 210
Ben Brewster P SR Left Left 6'3" 200 11/14/91
Chad Carroll SS JR R R 5/11 170 4/30/92
Austin Young RHP SR R R 6/4 220 4/20/1992
Sean Deely RHP 1B HS L R 6'5" 235
Jason Morgan RHP HS R R 6'6" 210 2/17/1996
Christopher Bates P JR Left Left 6'5" 180 3/20/92
Nick Thompson 2B/OF Jr. R R 6/1 195 11/13/1992
Connor Bach LHP SR L L 6/6 210
Nate Irving C JR R R 6/2 185 10/17/1992
Hassan Evans OF SR Right Right 6'3" 200 12/15/91
Brendon Hayden P JR Left Right 6'5" 200 12/26/92
Nick Economos RHP J1 R R 6/5 195
Cole Boozel RHP J1 R R 6/1 190
Cameron Tekker P SO Right Right 6'3" 185 7/7/93
Brett Langhorne SS 3B HS L R 6'2" 195
Michael Costello RHP JR R R 6/4 205
Ryan Yarbrough P SR L L 6/6 210 12/31/91
Ryan Lindenmuth 2B/3B SR R R 6/1 200 4/15/1991
Aaron Weisberg rhp SR R R 6/7 250 4/12/1992
Zak Sterling LHP JR R L 6/7 215
Chase Pinder OF HS R R 6'1" 165 3/16/97
Ty McFarland 3B/RHP SR L R 6/3 185 10/13/1991
Gary Jones OF JR R R 6'2" 170
Trey Lambert RHP SR R R 6/4 205
Anthony Montefusco P SR Right Right 6'1" 215 2/27/91
Kyle Convissar 2B SR Right Right 6'2" 185 1/18/92
Brandon Gum SS So. R R 6/1 175
Robert White RHP HS R R 6'4" 195

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Derek Fisher Virginia Virginia Rexmont, PA VA
Jacob Bukauskas North Carolina Ashburn, VA VA
Mike Papi Virginia Virginia Tunkhannock, PA VA
Nick Howard Virginia Virginia Olney, MD VA
Devon Fisher Virginia Portsmouth, VA VA
Jack Gerstenmaier Virginia Richmond, VA VA
Blake Bivens Liberty Sutherlin, VA VA
Mark Zagunis Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Delran, NJ VA
Jake Stinnett Maryland Maryland Vista, CA MD
Jeff Harding South Carolina Cambridge, MD MD
Hunter Williams North Carolina Chesterfield, VA VA
Branden Cogswell Virginia Virginia Ballston Lake, NY VA
Charlie Cody Virginia Chesapeake, VA VA
Derek Casey Virginia Mechanicsville, VA VA
Brodie Leftridge Tennessee Highland, MD DC
Brandon Downes Virginia Virginia South Plainfield, NJ VA
Ashton Perritt Liberty Liberty Whiteland, IN VA
Artie Lewicki Virginia Virginia Montville, NJ VA
Troy Stokes Maryland Baltimore, MD MD
Tommy Doyle Virginia Vienna, VA VA
Justin Morris Maryland Edgewater, MD MD
Nick Wells College of Charleston Gainesville, VA VA
Hunter Taylor South Carolina Onley, VA VA
Tyler Hill Wilmington Wilmington, DE DE
Josh Reavis Radford Midlothian, VA VA
Charlie White Maryland Maryland Naperville, IL MD
Heath Dwyer Virginia Commonwealth Chandler, AZ VA
BRANDON VICK Longwood Longwood Newport News, VA VA
Blake Schmit Maryland Eden Prairie, MN MD
Jordan Negrini Old Dominion Old Dominion Kihei, HI VA
Brad Markey Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Bel Air, MD VA
Jack Vander Linden Georgetown Dallas, TX DC
Joe Vanderplas Maryland-Baltimore County Fairfax, VA MD
Vimael Machin VCU VCU Caguas, PR VA
Michael Katz William & Mary Falls Church, VA VA
Connor Overton Old Dominion Mechanicsville, VA VA
Jason Inghram William & Mary William & Mary Chesapeake, VA VA
AARON MYERS Longwood Longwood Newport News, VA VA
Matt Winn Virginia Military Richmond, VA VA
Ryan Seiz Liberty Liberty Doylestown, PA VA
Carson Herndon Liberty Salisbury, NC VA
Brandon Gonnella Towson Morristown, NJ MD
Greg Olenski Delaware Philadelphia, PA DE
CHRIS HUFFMAN James Madison James Madison Fort Defiance, VA VA
Peter Solomon Notre Dame Ellicott City, MD MD
Kyle McKelvey Liberty St. Michaels, MD VA
Matt McClain Delaware State Delaware State Dover, DE DE
Reed Garrett Virginia Military Richmond, VA VA
ADAM PARKS Liberty Liberty Easton, MD VA
Josh Eldridge Old Dominion Lorton, VA VA
Isaiah Pasteur Indiana Westminister, MD MD
Jordan Tarsovich Virginia Military Institute Virginia Military Institute Midlothian, VA VA
Wardy Polanco MD
Anthony Papio Maryland Olney, MD MD
John Sheehan William & Mary William & Mary Westwood, MA VA
Andrew Sharpe Maryland Odenton, MD MD
Alex Close Liberty Liberty Hoover, AL VA
Jared Lyons Liberty Liberty Yorktown, VA VA
Norm Donkin Delaware Ridley Park, PA DE
Sean Keselica Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Glen Gardner, NJ VA
Anthony Parenti Navy Elizabeth, NJ MD
Dan Grauer Liberty Liberty Chesapeake, VA VA
Matt Tenaglia James Madison Doylestown, PA VA
Ben Brewster Maryland Maryland Baltimore, MD MD
Chad Carroll James Madison James Madison Oakton, VA VA
Austin Young Virginia Mechanicsville, VA VA
Sean Deely Delaware Wilmington, DE DE
Jason Morgan North Carolina Fredericksburg, VA VA
Christopher Bates Richmond Richmond Ossining, NY VA
ZACH MORRIS Maryland Maryland Edgewater, MD MD
Nick Thompson William & Mary William & Mary Chesapeake, VA VA
Connor Bach Virginia Military Clifton, VA VA
Nate Irving Virginia Yonkers, NY VA
Hassan Evans Delaware State Delaware State Brooklyn, NY DE
Brendon Hayden Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Twin Lakes, WI VA
Nick Economos Worcester, MA MD
Cole Boozel Mount Union, PA MD
Cameron Tekker Virginia Virginia Waxhaw, NC VA
Brett Langhorne Tennessee Mechanicsville, VA VA
Michael Costello Radford Stonewall, VA VA
Ryan Yarbrough Old Dominion Old Dominion Lakeland, FL VA
Ryan Lindenmuth William & Mary Burke, VA VA
Aaron Weisberg George Washington George Washington Glen Rock, NJ DC
Zak Sterling Richmond Delmar, MD VA
Chase Pinder Clemson Poquoson, VA VA
Ty McFarland James Madison Bridgewater, VA VA
Gary Jones Delaware Delaware Magnolia, DE DE
Trey Lambert Liberty Tazewell, VA VA
Anthony Montefusco George Mason George Mason Medford, NJ VA
Kyle Convissar Maryland Maryland Severna Park, MD MD
Brandon Gum George Mason George Mason Woodbridge, VA VA
Robert White William & Mary Chesapeake, VA VA