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The 2014 Baseball Prospect Book: PDF version released

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John MacDougall, Getty Images

Last night we released the .pdf version of the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book.

The .pdf version has been emailed to everyone who ordered the .pdf version (logically enough). We also emailed it to everyone who ordered the print version. The book has been sent to the printing company but we don't have an ETA on when we will get the print copies back yet, so we didn't want people to have to wait any longer.

Some people ordered the print version via US Mail but did not provide us with an email address. If you are one of those people, send an email to Jeri at Mssickels@aol dot com and we will send you the .pdf.

You can order the .pdf or the print version at Please allow 24 hours for the .pdf email to arrive. We send the orders out once a day late in the evening. If you think you should have received the .pdf but it doesn't arrive within 24 hours, check your spam filter: sometimes they end up there, particularly gmail and hotmail accounts.

The book has reports on over 1,000 players and is 457 pages long. It also includes the Top 50/50 Prospects list as well as my Sleeper Alert list.

The 50/50 list list was locked down almost two weeks ago when the book went into the production process. I am working on a revised Top 150 version which incorporates some early-season data, but I didn't want to delay the book any further.

I want to thank you for your patience, particularly the people who did not cancel their orders when it became clear that the book would be late. Your support is appreciated more than you can know.