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A couple of days ago, I laid out our upcoming plans, which I will repeat below. This thread is for suggestions: what kind of stuff would you like to see this year? Don't forget it isn't just me and Nick Melotte. You can suggest things for Matt Garrioch's MLB draft coverage, as well as interviews or human interest stories that you would like Lee Warren and Jessica Quiroli to consider as well.


***Return of Prospect of the Day. This will begin on Monday.
***Return of Prospect Retrospective. Suggest players you would like to see profiled.
***A look at Sleeper Prospects. This will be a semi-regular feature here at Minor League Ball.
***Return of Minor League Prospect Notes. This will complement but not replace Nick Melotte's outstanding daily work with the Minor League Ball Gameday threads. I started this yesterday.

***Minor League Ball's Top 150 prospects for 2014. This will integrate and expand the Top 50 Pitchers and Top 50 Hitters list in the book.
***An update on my Shadow Twins farm system.
***2014 MLB Draft preparation and research. I have been completely ignoring the '14 draft due to the book and I need to get myself up to speed.