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2014 Baseball Prospect Book status report

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last night I finished the rough draft of the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book. Here is what happens next.

***Editing. Some of the player comments were written five months ago before my concussion. We have to review and edit each comment for spelling and grammar as normal, but also for content, to account for any trades or transactions I might have missed, etc. Obviously this is not an overnight process and will take several days. It is a big book.

***The Top 50 Pitchers and Top 50 Hitters lists have to be compiled and any grade discrepancies reconciled.

***After all the files are edited and the prospect lists complete, it has to be put into .pdf format.

***As soon as the .pdf is finished, it will be immediately emailed to everyone who ordered the .pdf version and provided us with a valid email address. When I know what day this will be, I will let everyone know. I am hesitant to give an exact date given everything that has happened, but editing the book will take a lot less time than writing it. It is a matter of days now, not several weeks or months.

***As soon as the .pdf is finished, it will also be emailed to everyone who ordered the print version and provided us with a valid email address. This is a change from normal policy but given the fact that the print copy will take more time to deliver, we want everyone who ordered either version to get it as soon as possible.

***After the .pdf is finished it goes to the printing company and it is out of our hands for awhile. When we have an ETA on the print copy we will let you know immediately.

***We still need as many orders as possible to help finance publication!

I want to thank everyone for the immense patience they have shown over the last few months. Thank you for the support you have shown me and my family during my health crisis.

***DON'T FORGET! I have already published early versions of the player grades in the Top 20 Organization Prospects Lists.