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Update on 2014 Baseball Prospect Book

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Hannah Foslien

Several people have asked me for an update on the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book.

I feel like a broken record about this, but some people haven't gotten the word and I'm still getting questions about it. I suffered a concussion in October and was unable to write effectively for the second half of that month, all of November, and most of December, which of course is the time when I normally do most of the book work. I recovered sufficiently to write for about three good weeks in January, but I pushed too hard and paid for it with a three-week setback in February.

Over the last week or so I have regained some lost ground. I can write again and I am happy with the quality of my writing and analysis. But the speed at which I can write without causing symptom rebound is still about half of my normal pace. When I try to push beyond that, my brain rebels and the concussion symptoms re-appear.

I am told by my doctor that this is to be expected with concussions, particularly with middle aged folks like me, and that slow, gradual, steady progress is the norm, but your brain will let you know quickly when you've done too much.I do have a much greater understanding of what Justin Morneau went through.

The book is over half done and I am working to complete it as quickly as I can. But I still don't have an exact ETA. I know this is frustrating for those of you who use the book for fantasy purposes. But trust me, nobody is more frustrated than I am. This is your fantasy team, but it is my livelihood. My family depends on this and on me to get this finished.

I hope to have a firmer idea of when the book will be finished within a week. I will continue to update you. I will also start posting book excerpts soon. Jeri and I are discussing how best to approach rapid publication and distribution when it is complete.

And we are still taking pre-orders necessary to finance publication. Thank you again for being patient.