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Los Angeles Dodgers Organization Discussion

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Chris Withrow
Chris Withrow
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I am now working on the New York Yankees prospect list. The next team in line is the Los Angeles Dodgers, to be followed by the Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays, San Diego Padres, Detroit Tigers, and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Use this thread to discuss the future of the Dodgers farm system. Possible items for consideration include:

***The Dodgers have thrown money at unconventional but successful international free agent signings such as Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu and are taking another gamble on Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero this year. Obviously it is important to be right about such players, but what about "normal" prospects acquired through the draft and international free agent process for 16 year olds? Are you happy with their efforts in this area?

***So, how do we evaluate Julio Urias, the Mexican lefty who was successful against Low-A hitters at age sixteen? Is it possible that he is the best left-handed pitching prospect not named Andrew Heaney in baseball right now?

***Do you buy into Joc Pederson as a future regular outfielder, or is he more of a fourth man? And can you think of a way to fit him into the lineup that doesn't involve a trade?

***Would you be comfortable using Chris Withrow as a closer?

***As always, feel free to discuss sleeper prospects or anything else Dodger-oriented in the discussion thread.