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Are scouts deployed efficiently?

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Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Boyer at Crawfish Boxes, SB Nation's Houston Astros community, wrote a fascinating article yesterday asking of major league baseball teams deploy their scouts efficiently. You need to read the article, but his basic conclusion is that the heavy scouting emphasis on Texas, California, and Florida may be somewhat misguided, in the sense that Northern states on a population basis are actually more productive than some of the Southern ones that get a lot of attention.

Boyer has three maps accompanying his article: one map showing were scouts are currently deployed, a second map showing which states are actually most productive in producing big leaguers per draftee (Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia, and Ohio rank very well), and a third map with his suggestions regarding where scouts perhaps could be more efficiently deployed.

Essentially, California, Texas, and Florida should still be heavily scouted, but some of the Northern states merit more attention than they get. Anyway, you need to read the article and I'd be interested in your ideas about it.