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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State

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Pentecost won't be flashy but has solid tools across the board and should be a solid MLB backstop with offensive potential.

Perfect Game

Max Pentecost (Kennesaw State) (via Northeast Baseball Prospects)

Standing 6'2", 191 LBS, Pentecost looks smaller than a typical stocky catcher and more in the atheltic mold of a Jason Kendall or Buster Posey. He is an adequate receiver behind the plate but won't be a gold glove receiver. He's the most likely collegiate catcher available this year that will play that position at the big league level. In other words, he should stick there, while others like Kyle Schwarber and Grayson Greiner are less likely to stick. His pop time is consistently MLB average or better and he is very agile and athletic. He has had Tommy John surgery already. Unlike most catchers, he is a solid runner. He is average to a tick above and should be able to maintain that for a while.

At the plate is where Pentecost shines. He is a professional hitter. He works counts well and makes the most of every pitch. He possesses a smooth, easy swing allowing him to rope line drives from line to line. He doesn't have a ton of over the fence power but it will be average or a tick below as he matures. His line drive orientation, fast hands and good barrel awareness should allow him to be a high average hitter and situational hitter to help the team in ways the box score doesn't show.

Players that do well in Cape Cod the summer before they are drafted usually go very high because the eyes of decision makers get to see them and remember what they saw on draft day. This will be the case for Pentecost who had a great Cape season. His bat is very good, his power will play as will his defense. His speed is more than you'd expect from a backstop so the tools, while not loud, are quite impressive. I can't see a player with his set of skills lasting past the teens and could even go in the top 10 come draft day.