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A collect for the day in regards to Dellin Betances

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

An excerpt from the Book of Baseball Prayer; Collect of the Day for Dellin Betances.

A forthright offering and prayer to the Baseball Deity:

Please, please, please let Dellin Betances pitch well enough in spring training to earn a bullpen job, and please let him keep it, because as baseball fans and writers we are really, really, really sick of reading and writing about him. We are thankful that the Yankees finally moved him to the bullpen last year, and very graciously relieved that he performed well (1.35 ERA, 83/26 K/BB in 60 innings). We beseech you, in all your mercy, to guide Betances along the path of throwing his mid-90s fastball and power breaking ball for strikes. He doesn’t even have to be a closer: just let him earn a middle relief job, we humbly beg. With your infinite guidance we give him a Grade C+ rating as a wild guess, a reminder that we really have no idea what will happen here. We ask only that it start happening, so we can move on. So say we all.