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Minor League Ball Update: Wednesday Morning

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Julian Finney

Well I'm sitting in a hotel in Denver, and I won't get a plane back to Kansas City until tomorrow afternoon. Which means that the earliest I will be fully operational is Friday. My wife tells me that they got 13-14 inches of snow in Lawrence, and many roads in the KC area are still impassable due to blowing/drifting snow, so even if they got me back to KC today I don't know if I could safely drive the 50 miles back to Lawrence. Waiting until the road crews have more of a chance to work is fine. In the end, we can only surrender to the situation.

I don't have my research materials with me of course, so I can't do a lot of work on the book until I get back home. I do plan on updating the list of players for the Houston Astros and will do what I can with it.

Between all the traveling and the autism conference itself, I haven't written or thought much/anything about baseball the last few days. I think this is good for me though, and I will hit the ground running when I get back home. My plan right now is to catch up on baseball news and reading this afternoon and work on refining the Astros list, so look for that this evening.

What's the biggest/worst snowstorm you have ever been caught in? In April, 1973, I was five years old and Des Moines got hit with a freak spring blizzard. I think we had close to 20 inches of snow, school was closed for days, and my dad got stuck at his job (in a hospital) and wasn't home for three days. I remember being angry because the power went out for awhile and I couldn't watch Scooby Doo.