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Chicago White Sox farm system preliminary grade breakdown

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Trayce Thompson
Trayce Thompson
Rob Tringali

I am working on the White Sox prospect list as you know. I have 36 players graded and here is the preliminary distribution of grades. There is some play among Grade C/C+ types so the final numbers may not be exactly like this. Several of the Cs are guys with high ceilings who haven't done much yet but could eventually.

One Grade A-
One Grade B+
Two Grade B
Four Grade B-
Seven Grade C+
21 Grade C

The Grade A- is Jose Abreu of course but I have some additional data to review and he may get bumped up to an A maybe. As noted, many of the C guys are actually quite interesting. I do think the Sox system has made progress and is not as bad as this distribution may imply, but it is not in the top tier.