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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Michael Cederoth, RHP, San Diego State

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Imposing righty is likely a bullpen arm but could be a dominant closer.

Sometimes you can't find a picture of a player
Sometimes you can't find a picture of a player

Michael Cederoth, San Diego State Sophomore RHP (vs. Fresno State) (via rkyosh007)

Standing 6'6", 195 LBS, Cederoth is an imposing presence on the mound. He rotates away from the plate, has an average leg kick and really opens up before delivering the ball form a high ¾ delivery. It is a complex delivery that creates a lot of torque and generates big velocity. The complexity of the delivery and the amount of effort involved makes me look at him almost exclusively as a reliever.

Cederoth won't be hindered if he is looked at as only a reliever, though. His velocity and secondary offerings justify this but put him on the high end of the reliever scale. His fastball sits 94-97 and can hit 100.  He also throws a mid 80's slider that can be inconsistent but can flash plus. He has a hard time commanding all of his pitches and his slider is no exception. His change is just another offering. It helps keep weaker college hitters off balance some but it isn't a pitch that will help at the next level.

He has the scapular loading that has been prominently discussed as a red flag mechanically in such cases as Mark Prior and other "inverted w" cases. I don't see this as an issue with Cederoth any more than I would any power pitcher with a reliever tag. He also opens his hips early, another mechanical flaw. Though his risk potential is high, just as many pitchers with mechanical flaws but the science isn't there to tell whether he will fly apart this year or in 15 years.

Cederoth has one of the best fastball's in the draft. His downhill plane generated with his high ¾ delivery is an advantage to make it even better. He is generally a two-pitch pitcher and likely a reliever. The advantage is that he is likely a high-end reliever. A guy that could be used in high leverage situations is getting more valuable and harder to acquire these days so Cederoth has a lot of value. His biggest drawbacks are command and injury potential but the stuff is there to make an impact quickly. A team could try him as a starter, along the lines of how Kyle Farnsworth developed, but I see him as a reliever and expect him to go in the first round.