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Gregory Polanco
Gregory Polanco
Elsa, Getty Images

Baseball America released their top 100 prospects list last night. You can find it right here; it is not behind the paywall.

Let's make the BA list the key point of community discussion today. What do you think of it? Who stands out as too high? Too low?

Looking over this, and keeping in mind that my own list is at least a few weeks from completion and I still have hundreds of players to analyze, here is what I have noticed.

***The Top Nine seems completely reasonable to me, but I was very surprised to see Pirates prospect Gregory Polanco at #10 overall. I like him a lot, but I think he is more of a B+ prospect (which would put him somewhere in the 30s for me) than a Grade A, top ten guy. What do you think?

***Padres catching prospect Austin Hedges at 27. Everyone loves the glove, but I don't think he hits enough to justify that high of a ranking.

***I think Rougned Odor at 42 is a little too low. I could see him knocking in the Top 20 for me.

***Christian Bethancourt at #69 seems too high for me, but I'm skeptical about his bat. It can be tough to find the right spots on these lists for players who contribute mostly on defense.

***I like the fact that Devon Travis at #84 and Marcus Semien at #91 made the list. A victory for college second basemen everywhere!

This is all a matter of opinion of course. An enormous amount of work goes into producing lists like this. You can tinker and nitpick them to death, but in the end despite some quibbles I think this is a very solid list by BA.

What say you?