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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Derek Fisher, OF, Virginia

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Fisher is a bit of an enigma but still has a lot of potential. The former top pick still shows the promise he did but has yet to polish his game.


Carlos Rodon vs. Derek Fisher (via PerfectGameBaseball)

Fisher is a 6'3", 205 LB outfielder with a pedigree unlike many in this draft. He was a well-known prep prospect but a less than elite performance as a senior and a big price tag allowed him to slide in the draft. The Rangers chose not to sign him after he had a seven-figure price tag.

Fisher is a bit of a tweener. Not the immediate profile of an impact prospect. He's not an impact guy but he could be an excellent MLB player. His floor is much higher than almost anyone else in the draft but defensively he may be limited to LF. He has the speed to handle center field at this point but lacks the instincts and the route running to make that work. His arm is usable but not the level of a good right fielder. Aggressive runners would test him and win in the majors often enough to be frustrating. I doubt he will stick there at higher levels of pro ball.

Fisher is also unique at the plate. A 60 grade wouldn't be out of line and going higher would takes some stones, but I could see where the guy was coming from. His swing looks nice, controls it well and impacts the ball well. He has all the tools and skills to be a very good hitter, but he swings and misses a lot. He works the zone well. He has a good approach and walks a fair amount, he just doesn't make enough contact to be the hitter he could be and I can really pin point why.

His power is similar. He hits the ball hard on occasion. Works the gaps well and when he connects the ball flies. He has well above average raw power but it's inconsistent. In big situations, he's not an intimidating presence like someone with the tools he has should be. The power is in there. He just needs to tap into it.

Fisher is tough to peg. He has very good speed right now. Speed that combined with good instincts would allow him to project up but he is just the opposite. He lacks the feel that would allow this type of skill to play up. He doesn't read the ball well off the plate or run the bases particularly well. He's a left fielder and as he slows down and if the bat gains consistency, first base wouldn't be completely out of the question. A lot of his value is on the bat, which has questions as well. That being said, Fisher could turn out to be a 60 hitter with 65 power and could steal a handful of bases. If he can improve on the subtleties of the game, his tools would allow him to be excellent. I guess something along the lines of Colby Rasmus as a left fielder is a comp. There are a lot of questions with him, but in a draft that is weak on college hitters, he is one of the best and could easily go in the first half of the first round.