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Marcus Semien
Marcus Semien
Jonathan Daniel

I am now working on the Arizona Diamondbacks prospect list. The next team in line is the Chicago White Sox, to be followed by the Miami Marlins, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Tampa Bay Rays.

Use this thread to discuss the White Sox organization. Some possible ideas to consider include:

***True or False: The White Sox farm system is underrated.

***Am I right in thinking that pitching prospect Erik Johnson is unfairly ignored when top pitching prospects are discussed? He's performed well statistically, held his own in major league action, and doesn't lack for stuff. Why doesn't he get more attention outside of White Sox circles? Yes, this is a hint that he needs to be looked at as a fantasy sleeper.

***Speaking of sleeper, is Marcus Semien for real? My guess is yes, he is mostly real. What do you think?

***Courtney Hawkins...can someone who hits .178 in A-ball with 160 strikeouts be a real prospect, even with the 19 homers? How much consideration do we give the fact that he was rushed to that level?

***What should we expect from Cuban defector Jose Abreu? Is he as good as the hype?

***As always, feel free to discuss sleepers or prospects that you particularly like.