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Minor League Ball Needs More Cowbell

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An update on our status using a dated but still amusing humor meme.

THE Bruce Dickenson
THE Bruce Dickenson
Sunshine Studios

I'm getting a lot of questions about what is going on, so here is a status report.

***I lost most of the last week to rebounding concussion symptoms. It was particularly horrible Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but seems to have eased off somewhat today and I was able to get a few comments done.

***Yes, there will be a 2014 Baseball Prospect Book. No, I don't know exactly what day the book will be done. We will be sending out a more specific update to everyone who ordered the book and gave us a valid email address in the next day or two. I know this is frustrating for people who wanted the book for fantasy drafts, but trust me, nobody is more frustrated than I am. However, calling my home phone number to complain, as one person did, is not going to help me get the book done any faster.

***My biggest priority right now is finishing the Astros and I hope to do so tomorrow and get that prospect list posted.

***Although my ability to write was compromised of late, I have done some strategic planning for Minor League Ball going forward.

We are adding more cowbell in the form of additional content from other writers. You will see more draft content from Matt Garrioch, more wonderful baseball stories and Pacific Coast League news from Lee Warren, spring training and in-season personal interviews and minor league baseball observations from Jessica Quiroli, and frequent updates from Nick Melotte on a variety of topics. We are also continuing our college baseball coverage with Chris Slade and Brendon Booth. This doesn't mean you will see any less of me, but it does mean we can keep things going around here if I need to take some time off.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has been patient throughout this crisis and has stuck with me. 99% of you have been wonderful, and I can't express how appreciative I am for this.