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2015 Baseball Prospect Book now available for pre-order

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Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 edition of the Baseball Prospect Book by John Sickels is now available for pre-order. Here are the details:

***As in past years, the book will contain prospect reports and analysis on over 1,000 minor league ballplayers from all 30 organizations. It will also contain a list of Top 50 Hitting Prospects and Top 50 Pitching Prospects, as well as a convenient "Sleeper Alert" list to point your attention to undervalued talents or long-term prospects who haven't received much attention yet.


***Paper copies of the book cost $25.99+ 6.50 for postage and handling. It will be somewhere between 460 and 500 pages long.

***The PDF version of the book costs $25.99 (no postage in other words).


past editions of the Baseball Prospect Book

***The book was very late in 2014 due to the concussion I suffered last fall. I am somewhat behind schedule this year due to another illness, some sort of digestive tract problem, but I am still scheduled to complete the book in the first week of February.

***Publication of the book and printing costs are financed by pre-orders, so early orders are vital to the project. Support small business!  Don't send baseball prospect analysis jobs to China! Keep them right here in America!

***The 2015 Baseball Prospect Book can only be ordered from You won't find it at Amazon or anywhere else. We accept Paypal (order links at and we also very gladly accept checks and money orders (since there are no Paypal fees involved with those). If you wish to order via check/money order, my address is

John Sickels
PO Box 4066
Lawrence, KS  66049

***Every order is greatly appreciated!  We will start posting excerpts from the book soon.