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Minnesota Twins preliminary prospect grade distribution

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New Twins manager Paul Molitor
New Twins manager Paul Molitor
Bruce Kluckhohn, Getty Images

I am working on the Minnesota Twins Top 20 Prospects list for 2015. The early grades are finished and I am working on the write-ups, the article, and the grade ranking. The initial draft looks at 44 players with the following grade distribution:

One Grade A
One Grade A-
Two Grade B+
Four Grade B
Six Grade B-
11  Grade C+
19  Grade C

There are gray areas there and some decisions in the B-/C+ range and even in the B/B+ range are far from final.

Feel free to speculate on who gets what grade. You know you want to. New Twins manager Paul Molitor is certainly wanting to get those top guys to the majors as soon as possible.

But this is baseball. You know that somebody in the C+ or C group will end up being better than anyone currently expects. What's your bet on that?