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San Francisco Giants preliminary prospect grade distribution

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Matt Duffy
Matt Duffy
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

I am hard at work on the 2015 San Francisco Giants prospect list for 2015. Here is the preliminary grade breakdown thus far for 40 players:

Grade A  zero
Grade A-  zero
Grade B+    two
Grade B    four
Grade B-   three
Grade C+   15
Grade C     16

That grade breakdown may not seem too hot compared to the top systems in baseball, but I actually like the Giants organization. They have more depth than many systems and some of those C+ guys have high ceilings but are a little too far away to get advanced grades just yet.

Note that, with one exception, I'm not writing about many Dominican Summer League players.

Some of the other Grade C+ are actually among my favorite players in that category. Matt Duffy is a good example; he could have a long career as a very fine role player.

Anyway, guess which player goes with what grade. The only clue I'll give you is that Andrew Susac is a Grade B+, but you probably already knew that.