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Kansas City Royals preliminary grade distribution

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Ned Yost
Ned Yost
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I am working on the list of 2015 Kansas City Royals prospects. The working list has 42 names, and the grades currently distribute as follows:

Grade A     zero
Grade A-    one
Grade B+    one
Grade B      three
Grade B-     three
Grade C+    Nine
Grade C     25

There is more play than normal in the C+/C range in this system, and even the B+/B guys may cause some controversy. The final grades could look rather different than this.

Many of the Grade C guys have high physical ceilings but are at the lowest levels of the system at this point, or have weak performance metrics, or both. That makes a combined tools/performance grade more problematic than normal. I have been taking my time with these grades in this system because I want to get it right, or as logical as possible at least.

Determining the appropriate grade for such divergent talents as Glenn Sparkman, Chase Vallot, and Julio Pinto is difficult enough, but ranking them in relation to each other is even tougher.

Feel free to speculate on which player goes with what grade.