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BPB2015 email sent

Order reminder sent for BPB2015

Greetings, Blog Denizens! Pasted below is the EMAIL I sent as an order reminder. Hopefully most of you will have already gotten it, but please read the whole thing, as there are details that might apply to you!


Dearest Readers:

It’s that time already… seems like just a few months have passed since we mailed you the BPB2014… oh yeah, it WAS just a few months ago!
You might notice that we are later than normal in getting this order info email out to you but to be honest, neither of us were mentally prepared to get started this year. Now, though, it’s full steam ahead!
Last year’s ordeal, with John’s cognitive difficulties caused by the Concussion of Doom, thankfully are behind us. He is refreshed, and has already made good book progress for the 2015 book. Assuming no more metal sculptures fall on his head, or pianos, safes, we are looking at an early February release date, as usual. Please read a the way to the end of this message. There is a lot of information here you might need.

Order Site: is up and running, and we will be selling print copies and PDF copies.

We are changing how we order from the printer this year. Usually we order about twice the number of books that we have on preorder by the day we go to press. Last year we didn’t do that due to the lateness of the book, and that worked out ok. We will order a few hundred extra, but chances are if you typically wait to order your print copy until they are mailed, they will be in short supply. It’s not to be mean, but we need to be as cost efficient as we can.

INTERNATIONAL and CANADIAN READERS PLEASE NOTE: We are only selling individual paper copies to US mailing addresses. If you place an order with a non-US address for the print book, we will refund your money or convert it to a PDF order. We are not trying to be disrespectful to the wonderful readers we have served in more than 15 countries over the years, but the truth is that it has gotten more and more expensive to ship out of country, and less and less reliable. Last year we had a two international orders get through, and only one got through the first time. The second had to be reshipped, and a third time. We just have to stop the madness. I’m so sorry for that. We would be happy to work with a book seller in Canada or wherever who wants to buy the books in bulk, pay shipping and resell them, but other than that, we will only be able to supply the PDF to our friends north of our border and overseas.

If you have already ordered, thank you. Please don’t worry that we don’t have your order. You will likely get another email from us in 6 weeks or so, as we just have one mailing list and don’t separate out the email addresses of those who already ordered. IF you are curious about your order, just log into YOUR paypal account and check your history.
Thanks, and happy ordering!