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Minor League Ball Gameday, Saturday, October 4

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Jordan Zimmermann
Jordan Zimmermann
Mitchell Layton

Good afternoon baseball fans. Here is today's open discussion thread to discuss the Major League Baseball playoffs, minor league baseball, the Arizona Fall League, prospects, rookies, and anything else baseball-oriented that you wish to discuss.

Yesterday's playoff predictions did not go particularly well. On the positive side, I predicted that the Royals would defeat the Angels by a 5-2 score. The three-run margin of victory was correct, the Royals defeating the Angels in 11 innings by a 4-1 count. I didn't make a prediction for the Tigers/Orioles game since it was already underway when I made the post yesterday.

The predictions for the National League were completely wrong. I said that the Nationals could defeat the Giants 6-3 and that the Dodgers would defeat the Cardinals. Instead, the Giants beat the Nationals 3-2 and the Cardinals knocked out Clayton Kershaw in a 10-9 slugfest. This brings my post-season prediction record to 3-3.

For tonight, we'll predict that the Nationals pull even with a 6-3 win over the Giants and the Dodgers pull even with the Cardinals 7-5.

What say you?