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Minor League Ball Playoff discussion, October 10

James Shields
James Shields
David Banks

Good afternoon baseball fans. Here is today's discussion and prediction thread for post-season Major League Baseball action.

In our last set of predictions, we said that the Cardinals would beat the Dodgers 9-6 and the Nationals would defeat the Giants 4-2. Once again this was a split decision, the Cardinals winning 3-2 but the Giants also winning 3-2 to finish up the National League Division Series. This brings the post-season prediction record this year to 5-5, no better than a dartboard or a monkey with a typewriter I'm afraid.

Let's see if we can do better today. I'll predict that the Kansas City Royals will defeat the Baltimore Orioles 5-2, behind eight impressive innings from James Shields. The Orioles will score both runs on a two-run homer by J.J. Hardy. The Royals will get a solo shot from Alex Gordon but will score most of their runs due to some control glitches by Chris Tillman and a couple of lucky hits. Ned Yost will make at least one managerial decision that looks dumb on paper but somehow works out against the odds.

What say you?