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Minor League Ball Gameday, Wednesday, October 1

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Madison Bumgarner
Madison Bumgarner
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon everyone. Here is an open thread for Major League Baseball playoff discussion, minor league and prospect news, and anything else baseball-related that you wish to discuss.

I've been laid up with a migraine last night and this morning so I'm a little behind schedule. In the works, I have articles in progress for "sleepers who woke up" this year: Matt Shoemaker, Jacob deGrom, J.D. Martinez, T.J. House, and Collin McHugh. You can suggest others if you like, but right now I want to focus on rookies, not-fully-established players, or prospects who weren't top prospects heading into 2014 but who have performed well.

After those are done, I will start working on the 2015 Baseball Prospect Book (we will be taking pre-orders soon) and the Top 20 Prospect lists for 2015. So stay tuned to this channel, there's a lot of excitement coming your way.

Today's post-season action sees the San Francisco Giants against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wild Card game. Grant Brisbee has an amusing preview right here.

What are your predictions for the game?  I predict that the Giants win this contest 5-1 behind eight outstanding innings (and fewer than 100 pitches) from Madison Bumgarner. No one will hit any home runs. What say you?