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Chicago Cubs prospect Dan Vogelbach
Chicago Cubs prospect Dan Vogelbach

Here is an early breakdown of grades for the Chicago Cubs farm system. I hope to have the full report complete tomorrow. This may change slightly but the final grade breakdown should be close to this.

37 players graded
Two Grade A
One Grade A-
Two Grade B+
Two Grade B
Five Grade B-
Nine Grade C+
16 Grade C

Somewhat top-heavy perhaps, but several of the Grade C guys are players with considerably higher potential but who are too far away to get higher ratings at this time. For example, I am extremely cautious about international signees who haven't played professional baseball yet, given that even the best scouting reports on such players often turn out to be only vaguely accurate once they are exposed to better competition. That means that grades for players like Eloy Jimenez are conservative until we have some objective performance data to compare with the scouting reports, or at least until more eyes have seen them in rookie ball.

Have fun speculating which player goes with what grade.