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Minor League Ball Travel Advisory

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American Eagle Airlines Embraer ERJ 145
American Eagle Airlines Embraer ERJ 145

As some of you know, I am going on a non-baseball trip this weekend. Weather permitting, I am flying to Washington DC tomorrow morning. On Monday I will be speaking at the National Institutes of Health, with the Academy of Radiology conference on advances in autism imaging. I know nothing about neurology or radiology, but they asked me to give the "parent's perspective" on autism and potential new diagnostic tools and treatments.

They are going to keep me busy with conference events on Sunday and Monday and I fly back Tuesday, so there will be no baseball work done during this period of time. I am hopeful that the time away will help get my brain back in gear and that i can pick up the pace on finishing the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book and the prospect lists for Minor League Ball. I haven't taken any days off from baseball research and writing since mid-December, so I look at this as a chance to reset.

Matt, Lee, and Nick will have material for you to read, discussions will continue to pop in the fanpost section, and while I won't be writing any articles I will be able to pop in from time to time and make sure everything is running smoothly here.

The biggest complication looks like weather: I am supposed to fly to Chicago tomorrow on American Airlines, but both Kansas City and O'Hare are expecting poor weather so we'll have to see how the connecting flights pan out. The return flight on Tuesday with Frontier Airlines, connecting through Denver, also looks questionable with a large snowstorm expected throughout the Midwest.

I don't mind returning late, but getting there on time is very important so I hope the weather has mercy tomorrow. This is a chance for me to contribute something to the cause of autism research and treatment, and hopefully improve the life of my son and other kids like him. Thanks for your patience!