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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Michael Gettys, OF, Gainsville, GA High School

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Gettys has all the tools to be a star but the risk is high.

Micheal Gettys at Perfect Game National
Micheal Gettys at Perfect Game National
Matt Garrioch


Gettys is a 6'2", 195 pound physical specimen. He is a tightly wound, quick twitch athlete with amazing speed and phenomenal arm. If he couldn't hit at all, he would be a top 100 prospect as a pitcher, but I don't see any chance he steps on a mound because of the loud tools as a position player. He has a 92-94 MPH fastball and a very good mid 70's to low 80's breaking ball that both have potential. He covers a ton of ground with his speed and can throw the ball 100 MPH from the outfield, although it came with a lot of effort. He has the potential to be a great defender in centerfield.

At the plate, Gettys has exceptionally fast hands and wrists. He has a very large weight shift after a toe tap that will cause a lot of issues with good off-speed pitches. It is a flaw that should be easy to exploit until he improves on it and it gives me the most pause when projecting his future. Timing is the one thing a pitcher can do to upset a hitter. Gettys does it without the influence of the pitcher and that needs to be corrected. He really gets ahead of the ball. Good hitters let the ball travel deep in the zone. Gettys does the opposite of this but he also possesses the physical skills to be able to let it get deep in the zone.

He also swung and missed more than I would like to see from a top hitting prospect. That scares me. When he impacts the ball, it flies. He hits hard line drives but also creates loft with his swing that will allow him to hit enough out of the park to be a true power threat. He's very early in his progression since he hasn't been a full time hitter. Up until last year, most looked at him as more of a pitching prospect.

The comparisons, similar to Clint Frazier last year, have included Mike Trout. That's a little crazy. Gettys won't get as big as Trout or hit at his level but he has similar speed and a stronger arm. I haven't thought about this a lot but he reminds me some of Rocco Baldelli. He's a really fast, great athlete, good hitter that has huge potential with the sky as the limit. His power isn't huge but the bat speed will allow him to hit as many out as he squares up. That could be a dozen or it could be 25. One thing I need to mention that didn't fit in here organically is his energy. He plays the game ferociously and will outwork anyone to accomplish what he intends to accomplish and this always garners favor with me.

Gettys will be a top half of the first round pick because he has a cannon for an arm and can run like the wind. Those are big league assets and will get him there in one form or another as long as something doesn't happen to him. If he somehow doesn't sign, he is committed to Georgia.