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This is a picture of a cute bunny rabbit for no reason
This is a picture of a cute bunny rabbit for no reason

I'm still here guys. Sorry for the delay. The Blue Jays list is really tough, so much Grade C+ in this system. I have everyone graded but ranking them is quite difficult once you get past number seven or so. I hope to have it done Saturday.

It is apparent to me that I am still not working at 100% capacity. The book is getting done, but it is slower than normal. Normally it would be finished and at the printer now ready for shipping on February 1. Given the continued fallout from my fall concussion, right now I am behind schedule enough that March 1 is more realistic.

Here is a comment for you, on Blue Jays prospect Dawel Lugo, which gives a feeling for how I try to write comments and make them more interesting than just a regular old scouting report.

According to peer pressure and his signing bonus ($1,300,000 in 2011), I am supposed to talk about how Dawel Lugo is a wonderful prospect due to his power potential and strong throwing arm. I’m supposed to ignore his complete lack of patience at the plate, focusing on the fact that he makes contact. And well, that’s true, he does make contact; his K-rate is reasonable. And yes, he’s strong and has enough bat speed to generate 20-homer power at the big league level with maturity. And sure, he’s very young. And yeah, good throwing arm. But, um, six walks in 272 plate appearances? I’m not as much of a walk fundamentalist as I was in my younger days, but c’mon, that’s Yog-Sothoth-quality awfulness. What lurks in the threshold for Lugo, I can’t say. He’s young enough to develop and I will cut him some slack with the grade, but pitchers at higher levels will be a serious challenge with that level of aggressiveness. He's got to make some adjustments. High-risk Grade C+.

Anyway, if you like that kind of comment, please pre-order the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book! We need all the orders we can get to finance publication.