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Minor League Ball Gameday, September 27

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The season comes to a close this weekend. Bud Selig retires; who will replace him?

Doug Pensinger

Good afternoon prospect watchers. The major league season comes to a close this weekend. That means I'm going to start working on the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book. I won't be leaving you in the lurch though: upcoming items here at Minor League Ball include

***A look at Rookies on the Playoff Teams.
***Reports on some players I feel are primed for a breakthrough in 2014.
***Chili Davis Prospect Retrospective, because he was an interesting prospect back in the day and I feel like it.
***Continued daily prospect notes although official "Prospect of the Day" will be tabled until spring.

I will also be posting organization discussions and book excerpts, and the Top 20 Organization prospect lists will begin some time in early October.

***So Bud Selig is retiring. His long tenure as commissioner was marred by the '94 strike, replacement players, the insufferable and interminable PED debacle, contraction attempts, and controversy about Wild Cards, interleague play, and a host of other changes for good and for ill.

A lot of fans hate him and I couldn't stand the guy at first, but I've mellowed on that. Whatever the problems in the game, Selig has presided over an era of labor peace for the last decade. Younger fans may not remember this, but for a long time the threat of a labor stoppage/strike/lockout/end of the baseball universe as we know it loomed over every Basic Agreement negotiation. Selig deserves some credit for ending that and finding a way to help bridge gaps between ownership and the union.

It will be very interesting to see who replaces him. You guys have any ideas?